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Tom Delay Scandal Continues to Explode

"...we saw more flames coming up followed by a second smaller mushroom which I believe came after the second smaller explosion."β€œ

Eugenia Johnson of Port Alto, Texas

Free on $10,000 bail, Tom Delay's problems are only beginning. Although currently under indictment for abuse of campaign funds, the source of this enormous long-term funding comes from a legacy of crime that makes Al Capone look like an amateur...
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...Contributors to his campaigns have been able to walk away from disaster, thanks to special legislation he has pushed through in their behalf.
Jack Y. Wu (Port Lavaca): $10,000 donation
As vice president of a Port Lavaca Formosa Plastics plant, Wu said, "I feel very, very proud of what we've done here with our air quality, and water quality." This plant was fined $247,000 for wastewater violations, settled hazardous waste dumping charges for $3 million, admitted that an employee took kickbacks from contractors and found two workers floating in a chemical vat. The plant hired Joe Wyatt ($1,000 to GWB) to do its PR after a sex scandal removed him from Congress. At the time, Wyatt's wife sat on the state board that granted pollution permits to this plant.

Recent explosions and casualties at a chemical plant in Port LaVaca, Texas may be a direct result of government-protected negligence by Tom Delay campaign contributer, Jack Y. Wu, of Formosa Chemical.

The Port Lavaca Wave, from Calhoun County Texas reported:

PORT LAVACA, TX (10-07-05) Point Comfort residents heard a loud boom and windows rattled Thursday afternoon when an explosion at the Olefins 2 unit of the Formosa Plastics plant occurred at about 3:05 p.m.

According to Formosa Communications Director Jim Shepherd the unit at the Point Comfort facility exploded and caught fire....

β€?There were additional explosions in the Olefin 2 unit resulting in a huge fire,β€œ Shepherd said at a press conference held in front of the Bauer Community Center in Port Lavaca Thursday night. β€?Formosa's Emergency Response Team responded with two company fire trucks and a call went out to area city and volunteer fire departments.β€œ

Roger Green, 30, and John Hunt, 45, were transported via life-flight helicopters to the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, reportedly with burns. As of Friday morning Green was still in the intensive care unit at UTMB and Hunt had been moved to a regular patient room, according to a spokesperson at the hospital.. Names of the others injured in the blast had not been released as of Wave press time...

The story continues, and that is not all:

A continuing coverup is planned by the Chemical Safety Board, whose members were appointed by George Bush: "Based on current evidence, CSB says investigators do not plan to recommend a full root-cause investigation of the incident."

(this story is in progress, below are a few sources)

Thode Won't Run Again: Delay Supporters Flee from Public View
excerpt from the Houston Chronicle:

TEXAS(10-13-05) Fort Bend County Republican Chairman Eric Thode is stepping down.

Thode, who has gained national attention with his ardent support of embattled U.S. Rep. Tom DeLay, R-Sugar Land, is not seeking re-election to the seat he has held for 14 years. Fort Bend County Republicans will choose a new chairman in the March 2006 GOP primary.

Thode quashed speculation that he has immediate plans to seek other elective office. He said he has to leave the Fort Bend post because he is moving to Spring Valley in Harris County to be closer to the church where his two children attend school. (yeah sure-;)


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