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The Sellout Who Would Be Top Cop

Rocky Delgadillo wants to be California's next Attorney General. He'll do anything to get there -- even sell out his working class roots for political profit.
"I think Rocky will bring a fresh look to the attorney general's office, and that's what we need."
---Notorious L.A. Slumlord Stanley Treitel, who contributed heavily to Rockard Delgadillo's campaigns after the City Attorney cut him a deal in court.

Meet Rockard J. Delgadillo.

The Los Angeles City Attorney has come under intense scrutiny by the LA Times and progressive groups over the revelation that he allowed local slumlords to evade heavy financial penalties in exchange for nearly $20,000 in campaign contributions.

From the LA Times:

"Los Angeles City Atty. Rocky Delgadillo accepted thousands of dollars in political contributions from two landlords accused of operating apartments with slum conditions after he settled a lawsuit against them for a third of the amount the city initially sought.

Lance Robbins, called "one of Los Angeles' most notorious landlords" in the lawsuit, and Stanley Treitel have an extensive history of involvement with properties cited for violations. Inspections of their buildings have found blocked emergency exits, cockroach infestations and faulty wiring on the premises, according to city records."

Read the whole story here:,0,6471886.story

That's right, the "New Face of the Democratic Party" turns out to be a hustling vendido who sells out the poor to make himself richer and more powerful. As if his racist anti-gang posturing isn't bad enough, the guy is being paid to look the other way as slumlords profit by renting hellholes to working people.

According to Delgadillo's campaign website:

"The next Attorney General of California can help lead the fight for people and families across this state who need a champion as they struggle to make a living, pay for health care and secure their retirement."

Sounds like he's not the man for the job.

Unbelievably, Rocky is refusing to return the filthy money. Join the campaign to make him give back the cash and DO HIS JOB. The City Attorney should PROSECUTE slumlords, not cultivate them as political contributors.

Let Rocky know how much you appreciate the old school politics of corruption. Write him at:

rdelgadillo (at)

Does this guy need more power? He also evicted a bunch of senior citizens from an LA apartment complex to make room for a big condo development.

Read about it here:

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Re: The Sellout Who Would Be Top Cop

Hey Delgadillo put me out on the street too!
He filed criminal prosecution against MY slumlord,
then dropped all the charges but one, and fined him a whopping ONE HUNRED DOLLARS!!!
Then he sentenced the infamous notorious slumlord to....oops, he said the slumlord could evict us!
Wow...what a punishment top that outlaw, the criminal (as Rocky calls slumlords)!
The building sits vacant for years!
Rocky is a slumlords BEST FRIEND!
(But only the BIG slumlords...the little ones he puts in jail and brags about it too!)
And if go to the LA Times as a tenant like I did..
Delgadillo will teach you a lesson...he'll send his LAPD out to arrest you...TWICE! On bogus charges! That'll teach you to go to the media about his dirty corruption!


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