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Halloween Midnight Mystery Ride

On October 28, a Halloween Midnight Mystery Ride took place in the streets of Santa Cruz. In the short tradition of the Midnight Mystery Ride in Santa Cruz, riders have always met up at the Poet and Patriot Pub at midnight for a stroll through Santa Cruz. The rides, which are normally led by one person and end at a different mystery location, take place every other Friday after the Guerilla Drive-In.

But on this night, October 28, about 35 riders gathered in the parking lot of Satrun Cafe and eventually realized that there was not a designated leader for the ride. Some riders decided that this Midnight Mystery Ride would be different in the sense that there would not be a single leader.
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I am not willing to tell you the specific mystery locations we ended up at, but there were three of them.

Our ride took us up Pacific Avenue and eventually up River Street and into the into the industrial wasteland near Harvey West Park. We took time to pay tribute to the spirits and then rode on over to a house party. The host of the party generously invited all us bikers into the party. The party was cool, but we had the desire to keep riding.

We went over a bridge and rode by the Santa Cruz Mission. Before the night ride was over, we were hanging out where the sea lions dwell and drinking a fine wasabi beverage. Thanks to all the riders for making this night's Midnight Mystery Ride one to remember for a long time.
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Re: Halloween Midnight Mystery Ride

i LOVE the second shot.

Re: Halloween Midnight Mystery Ride

This is beautiful. Do we live in a fabulous town or what? Not only are there more exciting things than you could possibly take part in, GDI, MMR, Free Skool, Bike Church, Hub, but we also live in a place that people come thousands of miles to hand out in. Damn us, we're some lucky mother fuckers.


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