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The OTHER White House Intelligence Leak: The Case of Muhammad Naeem Noor Khan

Did the Dubya Administration give a “heads-up? to terrorists?
TO: Senator Charles E. Schumer

On August 8th, 2004, your office issued the following press release.

“US Senator Charles E. Schumer today sent the following letters to the White House seeking answers regarding the leaking of the identity of 25-year-old Al Qaeda computer engineer Muhammad Naeem Noor Khan, who had been providing information to US allies. Schumer said that the leak could compromise national security.?

This statement from your office was accompanied by two letters, one addressed to Frances Fragos Townsend, the White House Domestic Security Adviser, and the other to the Condoleezza Rice, then Assistant to the President for National Security, and now Secretary of State.

Recent revelations about the workings of this Administration have been most disturbing, namely the “Downing Street Memorandum? and the latest developments in the case of Valerie Plame.

However, we have heard little or nothing of the case of Muhammad Naeem Noor Khan since the Summer of 2004.

We urge you to follow up on your own earlier correspondence in this matter and to urge your colleagues to do likewise.


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