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Trial Begins for State Agent Indicted on Voluntary Manslaughter

State Agent Michael Walker is finally going to trial for voluntary manslaugther, in San Jose, California, for the murder of Rudy Cardenas which took place on Feb 17, 2004.
The People vs. Michael Walker

In San Jose, CA on Feb 17, 2004, Rudy Cardenas, father of 5, was shot in the back by state drug agent, Michael Walker, in a case of mistaken identity. State drug agents had been staking out the residence of David Gonzales, who had not reported to his parole officer of a change in his residence. Now, almost 2 years later, the family of Rudy and the community of San Jose may receive some sort of justice. Right now Michael Walker is being tried for the voluntary manslaughter of Rudy Cardenas.

The Murder

On Feb 17, 2004, at 12:30pm, state agents were staking out the residence of David Gonzales. Walker thinks he sees Gonzales pull up to the house in a minivan, but it happens to be Rudy. A high speed chase ensues throughout the streets of downtown San Jose. On 4th and St. James, Rudy gets out of his car and runs to the back parking lot of a senior citizen’s apartment complex, where Walker shoots him in the back as he runs away. As Rudy lays on the ground, desperately fighting for his life, San Jose police begin to arrive on the scene and to handcuff Rudy as he lay bleeding to death. 30 minutes later Rudy arrives at the San Jose Medical Center, but had already lost his pulse and shortly thereafter dies.

The Open Grand Jury

Rudy’s family was able to push for an open grand jury, with community support through calling and writing to the DA’s office. An open grand jury means that it is open to the public to come and witness. In July of 2005, the grand jury heard evidence presented by San Jose DA, Lane Liroff, and Michael Walker was endicted on voluntary manslaughter.

Trial started for Walker

Finally, 2 years after the murder of Rudy Cardenas, state agent Michael Walker is going to court for the charges of voluntary manslaughter. The defense claims that Walker shot in self-defense, thinking that Rudy had a gun. No weapons were found at the scene, but a mysterious knife turned up from Rudy’s pants pockets while in the custody of the state. Defense attorney, Craig Brown, works for the law firm Harry Stern, the same law firm that represented the Oakland Riders, a gang of police notorious for planting evidence and murdering innocent people in Oakland, California. Walker plans to take the stand, probably towards the end of the trial. It has come out that Walker did not follow standard procedures and basically took the law into his own hands, execution style. The trial will go on for another 4 weeks at the Hall of Justice in San Jose, 190 W. Hedding St., 6th Floor, Dept 39 with judge, Rene Navarro, presiding

Questions Still Remain: What exchanged happened between Rudy and Walker to make Walker gun down an innocent man? Why was Walker training other police and state agents at the Central Coast Gang Investigator Association conference after being indicted on voluntary manslaughter? And since Walker’s indictment, why have all the other half-dozen police-murders in San Jose had closed-grand jury hearings?

Community groups need to get involved in police brutality issues and should consider starting a cop-watch. Try to come out and give support for Rudy’s family within the next month at the San Jose Hall of Justice, 190 W. Hedding St.

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Re: Trial Begins for State Agent Indicted on Voluntary Manslaughter

chicano831 and anonymous poster are probably the same person, but its too bad that you dont value the life of a human being.
on feb 17, 2004, mike walker did not follow the standard procedures of his department. he shot rudy in the back through a fence and now he says that he felt his life was in eminent danger-obviously hes a big fat liar. it was also against the department of justice's proceedures to go on a high speed chase as he did, especially considering the fact that the man he was looking for, david gonzales, had only not reported a change of residence to his parole officer.
people-we have to be very careful, why the f*ck were 4 state agents staking out a man who just didnt report to his parole officer, which in fact is NOT a crime? who knows what these cowboy pigs are really up to anymore??
well, one thing's for sure, and the public has known this for a long time: its really the pigs (police) who are taking and selling the drugs!

Re: Trial Begins for State Agent Indicted on Voluntary Manslaughter

These pigs are the obivous fat bastards of the procedures of this. Chicano 831 says everything in lies. "Your claim that me anon are the same person is half right"

What is this?

Bring us to the power and its the police that are selling the DRUG!

Re: Trial Begins for State Agent Indicted on Voluntary Manslaughter


Re: Trial Begins for State Agent Indicted on Voluntary Manslaughter

Intresting how the police help people and the community and when something like this happens you shoot them down and pronounce them guilty.
Lets pretend you were the cop and chasing somebody, what would he have to gain by shooting him? every cop knows the BS he will have to go through after with internal affairs etc, again what did he get out of shooting him? you think a thrill?
Why did the guy run from police? because he is a saint? a good samaritan? an up standing citizen?
Oh it's so great when police put the bad guys away but when a mistake happens and somebody may have feared for his life because somebody turned and pointed something at him and he shoots to protect his own life he is then the bad guy, a cowboy pig and what the fuck else did you call him? a big fat liar?.
Your right, if it was you or the person down the street you would be put in jail because one you are not law inforcement and 2 what the fuck were you even doing with a gun?

Wake up and smell the fucken coffee!

Re: Trial Begins for State Agent Indicted on Voluntary Manslaughter

"Why did the guy run from police?"

Walker was on a stakeout of a suspected drug dealer. In other words he was in street clothes. Cardenas, an innocent man, ran because he did not know Walker was a cop. He thought he was being chased by a criminal.

Its unlawful for a cop to shoot an unarmed suspect who is running away. I hope Walker get convicted. This will send a message to future cops who find themselves in a smilar situation.

Re: Trial Begins for State Agent Indicted on Voluntary Manslaughter

NOT GUILTY - nothing else need be said.


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