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Wait Over for World Can't Wait

Many Americans had been waiting for the chance to show their contempt for the current Bush administration. To commemerate his 2004 election, a handful of cities, including San Francisco, were hosts to protest marches united under the slogan "The World Can't Wait".
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In front of San Francisco's City Hall

To show their contempt for the Bush administration and its domestic and foreign policies, up to 2000 people took to the streets of San Francisco. After a rally on the City Hall lawn which included speeches by such leftist heavyweights as Medea Benjamin and Cindy Sheehan, a sea of bright green peacefully clogged certain portions of downtown.

Speaker and Anti-War activist Cindy Sheehan

The mantra and unifying motive throughout the afternoon

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But the green protest signs were augmented by the colorful assortment of people that came out to show their support of the anti-Bush campaign.



With a convoy of 2 trucks and an energetic crowd, the protestors moved their way through blocked off streets of the City. Students from Berkeley High lent their efforts to rythmic drumming, and although most of the protestors were of college age or above, students from all points in the Bay Area also lent their support. The march was entirely festive throughout most of the day.




While the police presence was blatant throughout the march, the tranquility was broken during a few points of the protest. One of these points was when a molotov cocktail was hurled at the San Francisco Chronicle building as the protestors were passing it. No one was injured. A Chronicle photographer captured the image, and it was one of two pictures that the Chronicle decided to portray. The story was on the hidden on the 4th page of the Bay Area section.

What was left of the Molotov Cocktail hurled at the Chronicle building

Chronicle photographer with great angle of

At one point during the march, with police onlooking, a young woman with a bullhorn told people to sitdown in the middle of the street. Many people did, while others kept on with the procession. After a couple minutes, a couple hippy looking types encouraged the sitting people to leave the street because the action was frivolous and rather unnecessary. While about 2 dozen stayed, others rejoined the procession or merely stood near the busy intersection to see the outcome. With a contingent of motorcycle cops on one corner, and riot police on another, those sitting refused to heed the 3 warnings of the officer in charge who stated that they were then authorized to use force on those who weren't abiding by the law by blocking traffic. After the 3 warnings, the riot police stormed in on the sitting protestors and there was a brief skirmish. Immediately following this, the police officer in charge aggressively told people on the adjascent sidewalk to leave or they would be authorized to use force. Drama was thick.

Scuffling and picture taking

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Happytime playland for cops as scuffling occurs

Surveillance of trouble makers, backlogging for protestors. Works both ways?

Activist and tranny Kitty Kastro

Several people were arrested during the event, yet
the demonstration was immensely positive and unified throughout the day,and KTVU news obtained some great footage of police. There is to be another demonstration the day of Bush's State of the Union address.

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Re: Wait Over for World Can't Wait

3 comments actually.
Kitty Kastro is one of the most visible and active transsexuals in San Francisco. With the first Tv show dedicated to tranny issues, Kastro is in the vangaurd of the transsexual movement, which is why I decided to put tranny in the subtitle.
The reason I focused in on that one cop is because there was some serious occurances at that very moment, and he was standing back smiling. Throughout the entire time in which the police occupied the corner (over an hour), many of the cops were laughing and joking around in an otherwise grave situation.

Lastly, there were sound clips that got denied onto the computer because of their format that have accounts of the day's events. I'm gonna put those up as well as other pictures of police action during the protest. peace.

Re: Transgender Day of Remembrance.

I saw your show on the episode that was at the transgender day of remembrance and I had a couple things to say. 1.-I was there and am in support of it. 2. I dont like the pink pistols or owning guns. There are better ways of self defense than shooting people, such as taking a martial arts course, pepperspray, electric shocker personal security devices, loud whistles (see BLOW...beautiful lips on whistles project via cuav) There is also street smarts....not travelling along at night when possible....staying on well lit streets and highly public places.....
biting, kicking etc...
Ive had guns pulled on me before...and ppl threatening me...ive followed these precautions and everytime made it out safely. Also lots of people shouldnt have guns because they would not be responsible with them. If you take drugs..or drink..not a good idea. If you recently started hormones or are fluctuating with them...also not a good idea to have a gun as your emotions may not be in the right balanced place and someone may get shot, in a situation where it was completely unnecessary. If I had it my way NO BODY would have guns that kill...not even police. Stun guns are another story. Perhaps guns that shot rubber bullets for protection..they hurt like hell....
Also the other things I mentioned.
Anyways..on another subject.
I thought it was rude how you heckled the woman who said that trannytalk wasnt mainstream media. The fact is that it isnt. If it was, it would be on more than just local access tv. So by definition it is fringe/alternative media..which by the way is NOT a bad thing..since most of mainstream media is fucked up and doesnt tell the truth or the whole story either..
So...she was right in saying that its not mainstream media. There is no need for you to take personal offense for that.
May You Walk In Beauty and Light


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