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The Clock on the Slaughter Starts Week!

The Canadian government may let us know this week how many seal pups they will allow to be legally slaughtered—it could be as high as 350,000!

Santa Cruz, get angry and do something!
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The Clock on the Slaughter Starts Week!

As early as Tuesday, November 8, the Canadian government could issue the quota for how many seal pups can be legally bludgeoned to death in this seasons annual seal “hunt.? It is unclear why such a practice is referred to as a hunt as the animals are completely defenseless and have no way to flee. The facts are shocking.

Last season, almost 320,000 seal pups, only days and weeks old, were killed just for their fur, which is illegal in most countries including the U.S. A veterinary panel concluded as many as 42% were skinned alive while conscious. As many as 120,000 were killed in two days!

The great majority of Americans who are aware this slaughter is in full swing again, are appalled. The problem is, with all the natural disasters this year; there has not been enough news coverage. Most Americans have no idea this is still happening in North America.

The Canadian government may let us know this week how many seal pups they will allow to be legally slaughtered—it could be as high as 350,000!

Get angry and do something!

Email Geoff Reagan now at Regan.G (at) and tell enough! Stop this barbaric practice.

The Hon. Geoff Regan, M.P., Minister of Fisheries and Oceans
Parliament Hill: House of Commons
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0A6

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The 2005 Seal Hunt: From Brutality to Boycott

Following this year’s Canadian seal hunt, the official kill count stood at 317,672 seals, a number that solidifies the hunt's reputation as the largest commercial slaughter of marine mammals on the planet. Of the dead, 98.5% were seals three months or younger. Appalled by our on-ice reports, people worldwide are clamoring for an end to the hunt, and many have already joined our boycott of Canadian seafood. Now we're turning our attention to companies and restaurants to get them to join the boycott. Some already have, but the world's largest seafood chain, Red Lobster, has so far refused our pleas. Help convince the chain to change its mind.

Why boycott Canadian seafood?

Seal hunting is an off-season activity conducted by fishers from Canada's East Coast. They earn a small fraction of their incomes from sealing—primarily from the sale of seal pelts to European fashion markets. But the vast majority of the sealers' incomes are from commercial fisheries. Canadian seafood exports to the United States contribute $3 billion annually to the Canadian economy—dwarfing the few million dollars provided by the seal hunt. The connection between the commercial fishing industry and the seal hunt in Canada gives consumers all over the world the power to end this cruel and brutal slaughter.


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