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Execution of CA Death Row Inmate Stan "Tookie" Williams set for Dec 13th, 2005

The co-founder of the Crips gang, who may be innocent of the particular crimes he was convicted of, is scheduled to be executed in CA on December 13, 2005.
John Thielking

This case sets a precident for courts nationwide being allowed to look the other way when allegations of prosecution misconduct surface after a murder conviction. Specifically, in this case the Supreme court let a 9th Circuit court ruling stand that affirms that it is ok for prosecutors to exclude blacks from a black defendant's jury on the basis of race and it is ok for prosecutors to have prisoners shackled in front of the jury, that it is ok for prosecutors to make strongly biased statements to the jury likening the defendant to a wild animal in a zoo, and that it is ok for the police to beat witnesses until they give the story that the prosecution wants (as long as a couple of years pass between the beating and the trial). It also raises disturbing allegations that Williams may be innocent of the crimes he was convicted of as numerous pieces of physical evidence point to his innocence. The 9th circuit court did make history, however, when it reccomended clemency for Tookie, citing Tookie's work writing children's books urging kids to avoid joining gangs and avoid violence. This work has inspired former gang members from around the world to give up on being members of a gang.

Nov 21, 2005 is International Tookie Teach-In Day. Look for it at a school near you.
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