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PSA: Colin Powell Speaks at De Anza College in Cupertino; Wednesday - Friday

Colin Powell will be speaking at De Anza College in Cupertino (just north of San Jose on Stevens Creek Blvd.) three evenings in a row.

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Students for Justice at De Anza has organized and is supporting other events on campus during this time:

Nov 9 - Encuentro/Open Forum 4pm Sunken Garden Rally/Welcoming committee 7pm

Nov 10 - War Crimes Tribunal 1:30pm Conference Rm A&B

Nov 11 - do that thing that you all do. rally at 7 for anyone who didn't get enough on the first evening.

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Re: PSA: Colin Powell Speaks at De Anza College in Cupertino; Wednesday - Friday

Colin Powell at De Anza Wed - Fri

Students for Justice will hold a speak-out at the Campus Center Plaza at 12:30pm, on Wednesday, Nov. 9 and a march and protest of Powell’s first speech will begin at 6pm on Wednesday evening, November 9. Protests of Powell’s second appearance will occur at 7pm on Thursday, November 10. Religious and political protests will be organized on Friday afternoon and evening before Powell’s third appearance, on November 11, by students and community groups. A peace camp and various civil disobedience actions will take place throughout the three days sponsored by a wide range of students and Bay Area anti-war organizations.

Powell Killer Go Home, Protest in Athens, Greece

powell chickens out - August 28, 2004

the greeks certainly are a passionate people, don't you think?

colin powell has cancelled a planned trip to greece in which he was to attend the closing ceremonies at the olympics. the official reason is that he had more pressing matters in washington to attend to. while i don't doubt that he is needed elsewhere, i can't help but think the protests had something to do with it.

depending on which news source you read, the number of protesters participating in yesterday's march ranged from a few hundred to 6,000. it turned ugly at the end, with police firing tear gas into the crowd as they marched toward the american embassy. fortunately no arrests were made and no serious injuries were reported.

it's pretty sad when one of our highest government officials can't visit one of our allies without being greeted by angry protesters. aside from the annual g8 summits, this didn't really happen when clinton was president...

Wrap up of the first day of resistance action

Wrap up of the first day of resistance action



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