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Hurricane Relief Needed in Native American Communities of Southern Louisiana

**** Please Distribute Widely*


Hurricane Relief Needed in Native American Communities of Southern Louisiana

*Visit for more information.*
November 4, 2005 - The Native American tribes of the *Biloxi Chitimacha, Houma, and Pointe-au-Chien* of the southern Louisiana bayous
continue to face a monumental struggle in channeling relief efforts to their tribal members devastated by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

For many communities, *grassroots donations and volunteers are the only consistent assistance*, and government aid is still not meeting the
people's housing and rebuilding needs which will run into the millions of dollars.

*Immediate assistance is needed *in the form of skilled and unskilled volunteers, trades-people, contractors, builders, roofers, framers,
landscapers, organizers, health and community-care workers, computer/communications techs, and others who can work in solidarity, mutual aid with these communities.

*Mobile kitchen resources are needed* to help feed large work camps - particularly during the upcoming holiday seasons and spring break 2006.

*The following donations are requested:*

- Gift cards from Lowes or Home Depot to buy building materials and tools.

- Mattresses, sheets, towels, pillows and blankets.

- Appliances, space heaters, shelves, dressers and other basic home items.

- Cribs, diapers, wipes, clothes and other baby items.

- Healthy, easily prepared food is still needed in moderate quantities.

- Monetary donations are always appreciated and assist with the day-to-day needs of volunteers and community members.

With great respect for the pride and good humor displayed by the bayou communities, assistance is still needed in this area. Decades of government neglect continue to leave these strong people vulnerable to natural disasters, and some community members are living in damaged and
moldy buildings unrepaired from hurricanes years ago. *Elder care and cultural preservation are deep concerns.*

*Please act in solidarity with these Native American communities* as they work to rebuild their homes and way of life. Make whatever
donations you can. Come to Louisiana and make a difference.

For more information visit Four Directions Relief Project online at You can also call email to:

Fourdirections (at)

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