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Routine Corruption by Capitola Police Violates Equal Protection

Quite simply, the Capitola police had no business in the mall prior to the attempt by demonstrators to enter with signs.
The Capitola police should be sued for monetary damages for acting as the private agents of a retail concern. This is part of a general trend since the mid 70s of local police to devote much of their active duty protecting monied interests, sometimes working for the same private contractors while they are off duty.

Today, the private sector only has to pay 8 or 10 dollars an hour for someone who's training isn't any better than an Andy Frain usher - usually someone with a psychological profile unsuitable to a city police department. If the business needs a real officer in full uniform, they will appear at no charge. If your car is hit while parked in a private parking lot, what will you be told when you try to have even an obvious offender ticketed? You will be told that since it occurred on private property it is a civil issue and the police do not have jurisdiction. If it's in a shopping mall, all you need to do is carefully read one of the signs where they post a standard disclaimer that they are not responsible for anything that happens to your car.

The New Developers of the New American Century somehow have the pull to have their cake and eat it too: they can get a significant percentage of the local police department to show up in advance of a peaceful protest to augment their security staff in it's illegal activities (illegal: this mall has been successfully sued over the same issue of suppress free speech)

This is nothing other than corruption on a grand scale.

I know for a fact that police officers have been fired for this type of behavior, and it has nothing to do with constitutional or civil rights. It's corruption plain and simple. No, they are not available for what amounts to pre-emptive security for private concerns. My father was a fireman, and was around long enough to achieve public recognition. In his day, police were looked down upon when they would even accept as part time work what the Capitola police above perform at no charge: except to the taxpayers.

In Capitola, the police department is continuously complaining that they are understaffed, inadequately prepared for emergencies, and unable to pay the prevailing wage for officers in the area. So how do they happen to have extra officers and equipment to augment the private security force of the Capitola Mall?

My conclusion is this: the owners of the mall should be made to pay the full cost of the call made by the officers, including desk support and vehicles. Then the officer who made the decision to deploy them should be brought up for a investigation, and possible discipline. Finally, there is a civil rights issue at stake that cuts even deeper than the 1980 decision mentioned in the previous Indymedia report: equal protection under the constitution. This would be an excellent test case to challenge a practice that has become commonplace throughout the country.

David Roknich



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Re: Routine Corruption by Capitola Police Violates Equal Protection

Were the police called to the mall, what reason did those calling the police provide?

Police working part time as security on their off hours and police responding to a call are two different things.

Re: Routine Corruption by Capitola Police Violates Equal Protection

There were much more than 2 Capitola Police officers standing by at the mall in preparation for the protest against Victoria's Secret. I think it was more like 10 Capitola Police Officers and about 10 Capitola Mall security. There were police cars parked at three or more entrances to the mall, security officers walking inside Victoria's Secret and the area just outside of VS, police standing guard at the mall entrances, a police officer holding a video camera and a Capitola Mall security guard was standing on the roof for better observation.

Also, the mall security manager told protesters that he monitored "our site" (??) all the time and then insinuated that he deals with a lot of terrorist threats.

After protesters left the area where they had demonstrated, three Capitola Police came over to the sidewalk area and surveyed it.

Re: Routine Corruption by Capitola Police Violates Equal Protection

I made the difference clear between police working security - which is something that used to be considered shameful - and police on duty working security gratuit'. The second is illegal, and that is what the Capitola police routinely do.
I think we should stage a much larger protest at the mall -
a protest against the illegal use of on duty police as security guards.
We should also sue them, and go to the distract attorney to seek an arrest warrant for those responsible.
About time that the FBI should be made to do their duty: one of which is to protect citizens who are victimized by the abuse of corrupt police departments, instead of working the opposite side and supporting their efforts at what is nothing less, nothing less than corruption at a grand scale.
It is time to shut them down, according to the laws of this land.

Re: Routine Corruption by Capitola Police Violates Equal Protection

Roknich, It's "District" not "Distract".

Police are called to ridiculous incidents daily. They cannot hang up the phone and refuse to respond. If you called and had a problem with your neighbors garbage can, they would respond.

As for cops being security guards for Captiola Mall? This went from 3 cops to now 10? And isn't every public service say "not enough"? There are never enough until something bad happens. Once that happens, you still blame public servants.

Sounds like you have a bias against police before this event. Maybe you should judge a book by the content before the cover.

Re: Routine Corruption by Capitola Police Violates Equal Protection

Funny how this article avoids mentioning the LIVE CHAINSAW which was brought to the mall. Given the predilection for left-coast activists to destroy property as part of their "non-violent free speech actions", it does not surprise me that you were turned away.

The mall is private property, it was bought and built up by someone and that someone is UNWILLINGLY FORCED TO PAY PROPERTY TAXES TO SUPPORT YOUR "SOCIAL PROGRAMS" already. Leave him alone!

Re: Routine Corruption by Capitola Police Violates Equal Protection

I publish facts, and use my own name.
I don't understand WTF the comment above from "anonymous" is about or who posted it.
How's your reality contact?

Chainsaws aren't LIVE

Nice rhetoric about LIVE CHAINSAWS. This might be a problem if chainsaws were indeed animate beings.

They are not. In fact, the one that was held outside of Capitola Mall property was covered in cardboard for most of the demo and....WASN'T PLUGGED IN.

West Coast activists predilection for destroying property? What West Coast are we talking about? When was the last time you heard about any major property destruction around here? Oh, wait! I just read it on this site and it was the THE RAILROAD COMPANY that destroyed a gentle attempt at a bike trail. In France, rioters destroyed over 600 cars! Nothing like that EVER happens here! In the United States, the major property damage culprit awards go to big business. Just this last weekend Shell Oil spewed crude oil all over Contra Costa County. Whoopsie!

The list of Big Business bullies could go on and on. The problem is that very little is done to combat these corporate criminals because most government officials are too busy licking their boots and worshipping the almighty dollar.


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