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Time Magazine, Daniel Kadlec duped by Houston attorneys Wes Christian and John O'Quinn

These corrupt liars who call themselves lawyers know this.Endovasc of Montgomery, Texas is a perfect example of this fraud that Houston attorneys O'Quinn and Christian aid and abet.After a phoney 40 for 1 'reverse split' in 2002 that should have left under 3 million shares existing they concealed shares they were dumping from a Charles Schwab account that O'Quinn, in a 2002 BusinessWire pr fraudulently or stupidly attributed to 'naked shorting' and also many more offshore.
by Tony Ryals
endoscam (at)

This fraud is further related to California by way of the Cheetah Club a lap dance or strip joint whose San Diego branch was convicted of bribing San Diego city council members and was or is owned by Galardis,father and son.NCANS.NET or National Coalition Against Naked Short Selling that is funded in great part by Patrick Byrne of gives the Las Vegas Cheetah Club as its only 'address'.The Cheetah Club is the only striptease joint to my knowledge to be investigated by FBI under the Patriot Act.

An Wells Fargo Bank account is in San Diego as well and Sadr and Barrera law firm of San Diego represents this penny stock mafia as well as Wes Christian, John O'Quinn and ex-SEC attorney Brent Baker who failed to convict James Dale Davidson in Utah. I suspect James Dale Davidson of the far right National Taxpayers Union of 'Clinton killed Vince Foster' psyops is behind this scam as he was 'NAANSS'(DO GOOGLE SEARCH).Also check this sandiego.indymedia link :

Senator Bennett,penny stock scam,Cheetah Club

Time Magazine, Daniel Kadlec duped by Houston attorneys Wes Christian and John O'Quinn

By Tony Ryals
endoscam (at)

Houston attorneys John O'Quinn,Wes Christian aid massive penny stock fraud

The quote below is from Houston attorney-con artist Wes Christian who,like O'Quinn,never turns down an opportunity to deceive the media about his frudulent penny stock clients being victims of 'naked shorting' :

"I have seen evidence that links Badian and/or Refco to more than 50 stocks that were driven into the ground," says Wes Christian, part of a legal team headed by billionaire Texas tobacco litigator John O'Quinn, who is amassing a case against Badian, other hedge funds and now possibly Refco. Refco declined to comment. Badian didn't come to the door when a TIME reporter rang his bell. His lawyer in the civil cases, Perrie Weiner, says that the suits against Badian have "not a shred of merit" and that courts have consistently dismissed such cases.


Posted Sunday, Nov. 06, 2005

Since 2002 Houston attorneys John O'Quinn and Wes Christian,out of massive ignorance, which I doubt,or an undisclosed reason to aid massive penny stock fraud against investors,have fraudulently claimed many worthless penny stock companies they have represented as victims of 'naked short selling'.Most of those worthless 'companies' have been involved in illegal pump and dump activities,meaning their own CEO's and insiders promote their 'companies' as the next IBM or Amgen, even though their only 'business' or modus operendi is dumping shares to defraud Americans,including in terrorist suspect regions of the world such as Kuala Lumpur or Dubai.

These corrupt liars who call themselves lawyers know this.Endovasc of Montgomery.Texas is a perfect example of this fraud that Houston attornneys O'Quinn and Christian aid and abet.After a phoney 40 for 1 'reverse split' in 2002 that should have left under 3 million shares existing they concealed shares they were dumping from a Charles Schwab account that O'Quinn, in a 2002 BusinessWire pr fraudulently or stupidly attributed to 'naked shorting' and also many more offshore.

The 'company' now grudgingligly admits way over 100 million shares have been dumped around the world to defraud investors and enrich themselves ! And although it is a known fact they worked their scam with Kuala Lumpur boiler room Bellador Group there is no mention in SEC filings.

Alll of their penny stock clients generally as have a modus operendi of promoting their stocks as some up and coming successful corporation that one must get into now on the ground floor and then dumping millions upon millions of shares into the market and then crying 'naked shorting' ,meaning brokers such as Charles Schwab, Refco, or Ameritrade,(as 'famed attorney O'Quinn claimed without proof in his fraudulent Endovasc BusinessWire pr of 2002), dumped non-existent shares into the market collapsing their share price over night.

They do this knowing the SEC looks the other way and does nothing and never audits these penny stock pump and dump scams making them very attractive 'investments' for onshore stock promoters and offshore money launderers who know money can never be traced because shares are never audited.

I have already reported the fact that Charles Schwab,instead of 'naked shorting' as Wes Christian and 'famed trial attorney John O'Quinn' fraudulently claim,provided an illegal pump and dump account of 'up to 30 million' Endovasc shares' in one account for James Dale Davidson's ,David P Summers', Dwight Cantrell's,and apparently Judge Ken Reilly's illegal promotion through Agora late 2002.This may have been from Schwab's LOM of Bermuda account that the SEC was investigating in 2004.James Dale Davidson,founder of the National Taxpayers Union was at one time a substantial shareholder of LOM and he was the one who lied and promoted through his Agora Inc.penny promotions headquartered in Baltimore .

I informed attorneys Christian and O'Quinn as early as 2003 of the fraud being perpetrated by his clients David P Summers of Endovasc in Montgomery,Texas who passed himself off as doctor,and Dwight Cantrell, the supposed accountant, who is really a money launderer using unaudited and unreported shares in boiler room activities in Kuala Lumpur do so.

It was Dwight Cantrell and Robert Johnson who apparently made the deal with Mr.Taylor,client of Arizona attorney Ron Logan,and his Bellador Group boiler room of Kuala Lumpur and Dubai,and none of this was reported in SEC filings.

And attorneys O'Quinn and Christian have done nothing,not even reply to the charges and proof.And there is proof for the illegal share dumping in terrorist money laundering suspect Kuala Lumpur as well as from the Charles Schwab account,but no proof for Christian's and O'Quinn's fraudulent 'naked shorting' claims to cover it up.

What Christian and O'Quinn DO NOT have proof of , but fraudulently claim they do,is proof Endovasc of Montgomery,Texas or any of their suspect share dumping clients were victims of 'naked short selling' and if any made a deal with Badian or anyone else it was to benefit themselves personally at the expense of defrauded retail investors and the shares entering or being dumped into the market was due to the deals they made to enrich themselves at the expense of their shareholders.Christian and O'Quinn have lost every case they have made in court as it relates to their phoney 'naked shorting' claims and yet they continue to fight their cases in the media mainly by lieing to naive journalists such as Time's Daniel Kadlec above.

Their fraudulent claim has become as embarrassing as their other supposed client-victim of 'naked shorting' Patrick Byrne of, who claims he is being 'naked shorted' by an unidentified 'Sith Lord' !! Yet they don't seem to realise it and continue with their lying as if believing if they repeat a lie enough it becomes the truth.

The truth is,that if this Mr.Badian could 'naked short' through a broker,Refco or any other, he would have had no need to make a deal with attorney O'Quinn's or Christian's client and his failing company.He would just 'naked short' without cutting their scammy penny stock client into the deal in the first place !Badian made a deal to buy VERY REAL SHARES AT STEEP DISCOUNT from attorneys O'Quinn's and Christian's corrupt CEO client and to profit from the CEO'S own DEFRAUDING OF HIS INVESTORS BY FRAUDULENT STOCK PROMOTIONS MADE BY THAT CEO OR HIS PAID PROMOTERS.

So Badian was just PROFITING from attorneys O'Quinn's and Christian's penny stock CEO'S fraudulently claims to investors that the company was doing well.This was not 'naked shorting', this was an illegal pump and dump by John O'Quinn's and Wes Christian's own penny stock CEO client.And this applies to most all of their supposed 'naked shorted' victims-clients who are all insiders to penny stock scams.

Their client Gary Valinoti of Jag Media Notes was charged only recently with dumping unreported shares and Christian and O'Quinn erroneously claimed him and his unethical operation a victim 'naked shorting ' for years as well.And they lost in court because they had no proof and more investors were defrauded because they believed O'Quinn.

O'Quinn and Christian claim they are paid by no one and are I suppose working for years on contingency and losing every 'naked shorting' case they persue out of the goodness of their hearts.You would think such clever lawyers would begin to wonder about their own clients for providing no proof and most such as Judge Ken Reilly of Montgomery,Texas and his Endovasc pals are simply into internet fraud and fraudulent representations through promoters such as the Beltway's far right James Dale Davidson and his Agora Inc. penny stock touting cyberfraud and mail fraud operation.

Attorney O'Quinn has lied to me and himself and others defrauded in penny stock pump and dump schemes for years and I believe his being taken to task in Corpus Christi court by Judge Janis Graham Jack for faking medical claims was long overdue. Unfortunately this has not reigned in his aiding and abetting of a virtual penny stock mafia probably involved in money laundering and far from being victims of 'naked shorting'.

Below from re attorney O'Quinn's court loss in Corpus Christi for misrepresenting silicosis victims.
His willingness to fake results or use 'doctored' results to win,or in this case lose,a case does all, including real silicosis victims,a real injustice.Shame ! :

Silicosis Claims Split the Plaintiffs Bar

Silica exposure was once hailed as "the next big mass tort." But in June federal district court Judge Janis Graham Jack of Corpus Christi, Texas, eviscerated the attorneys representing individuals with silicosis claims, accusing them of intentionally manufacturing a mass tort in federal multidistrict litigation.

According to Jack, the lawyers engaged in mass screening of potential plaintiffs, paying screening companies only for positive diagnoses, and creating a "phantom epidemic" of silicosis. She singled out one plaintiffs firm, Houston-based O'Quinn, Laminack & Pirtle, and ordered it to pay $8,250 in sanctions for its "reckless disregard."

Below is from the message board where insiders to the Endovasc Montgomery,Texas
fraud, who should by law,not be promoting their worthless stock lies and deceiving investors over the internet, instead quote and provide links to the criminal Houston attorneys O'Quinn and Christian to lend credibility to their cyber fraud and lure more victims in.

Thanks Houston attorneys O'Quinn and Christian for aiding them to defraud myself and others and run boiler room operations in Kuala Lumpur with VERY REAL SHARES REGISTERED OR NOT AND NOT 'NAKED SHORTS' AS YOU FRAUDULENTLY CLAIM !!

In this post 911 era I will always see attorneys O'Quinn and Wes Christian as traitors to their own country and either the stupidest attorneys who ever made over a billion dollars in court or some of the most corrupt attorneys in world history, :

NOTE THE ALIAS different_drummer0 is an insider to the Montgomery,Texas Endovasc fraud and you will see more of his posts below on the extended article dealing with Lycos RagingBull which is where most penny stock frauds attorneys O'Quinn and Christian
fraudulently claim as being victims of 'naked shorting'
promote themselves to lure in 'marks','suckers',or victims into their pump and dump scams.

Wes Christian and John O'Quinn's clients rig and manipulate their shares making gambling in Las Vegas, where Endovasc and most fraudulent penny stock fraudsters register their fraudulent companies by the way, seem fair by comparison.

From EVSC message board :

By: different_drummer0
08 Nov 2005, 02:24 AM EST Msg. 17719 of 17728
(Msg. is a reply to by None.)
Basher's worst nightmare: (from TIME)

naked shorting goes big "time"

NOTE TO EVSC newbies: O'Quinn, the lawyer mentioned in this article, is also with EVSC (refer to EVSC news announcements).,9171,1126706-1,00.html

Did Judge Ken Reilly and Houston attorney John O'Quinn aid terrorists ?

Judge Ken Reilly,Endovasc and money laundering in Montgomery,Texas

Judge Ken Reilly,Endovasc and money laundering in Montgomery,Texas

Is Arizona attorney Ron Logan aiding international penny stock fraud

Charles Schwab and Share-money laundering

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