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what about the midnight mystery ride on friday?

anyone know what's up with the midnight mystery ride?
i went two weeks ago and had a great time!

but, the meeting location had changed from the Poet and Patriot parking lot to the lot behind the Saturn Cafe.

also, each ride is/was supposed to have a 'leader' yet the ride leader did not show up.

We had a great time anyway!

But, can anyone provide any details about the ride for friday, november 11?


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Who will know the mystery?

I heard it was an amazing organic ride with three leaders last time. Thanks to Em for jumping in and organizing at the last minute.

I'm out of the country for the next three would YOU like to lead a ride on any of the following dates:

Nov. 11

Nov. 25 which is international buy nothing day...see for details. also critical mass. Whoo-Hoo.

December 9

December 23 (not critical mass week)

Just post your invitation here and everybody will get it. Still meeting behind the saturn at Midnight!

Have fun...I'll be going on wacky rides in asia!


Re: what about the midnight mystery ride on friday?

so did anything come of this? i mean, we don't need a leader as much as we just need people to show up in general... anything?

Re: what about the midnight mystery ride on friday?

something did come out of this. at least 15 folks on bikes met up at the saturn and sailed into the night in the same spirit as the previous organic ride. some of the highlights: going up west cliff drive, playing at san lorenzo park, converging at the whale... thanks to all who came out!


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