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Over 700 Communities Protest the Iraq War in October

Actions against military recruiting in our schools and universities are steadily increasing.
Marking the "hallmark" event of 2,000 American Servicemen and
Women fallen in the War in Iraq, (not to mention the many thousands
of innocent Iraqi men, women, and children) people in cities around
the nation stood up to say "Bring the Troops Home Now!" Thousands
of concerned citizens, military families, and War Veterans expressed
dissent against the illegal and immoral War in Iraq.

Cindy Sheehan along with Ohio 8th graders are a stinging thorn to the
Bush Administration. See: DCIMC, 10/27 - Ohio 8th Grade Tourists Take
Part in Anti-war Vigil:

108 protesters were arrested in Minnesota, Dallas, The White House,
and New Zealand, including 18 Grandmothers in Times Square.

For reports of the protests in October, click here:

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