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Capitola Mall Backstory - A History of Repression

History repeats itself. The 1991 backstory to the unlawful Capitola Mall restriction of free expression.
There is also a backstory to the recent Capitola Mall free speech repression.

In 1991, the Capitola Mall tried to restrict free speech and outright baned any protest at the mall. There were regular arrests and constant protest. They were sued and lost and the Capitola Mall manager resigned under pressure.

From Dec 1, 1991 to to Dec 17, 1991 the Sentinel ran 9 articles about the Free Speech fight at the Capitola Mall.

Take a look at the Santa Cruz library archives index: and Actual articles are at the central branch.

Saturday's protest at Victoria’s Secret in Capitola Mall was part of a nationwide effort, attempting to call attention to Victoria’s lesser-known dirty secret, that the company mails out over 395 million catalogs a year -- more than 1million a day -- on paper that comes from virgin timber, much of it from Canada's Great Boreal Forest.

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