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Rail Trail - Almar Ave

Newly Built Rail Trail damaged.
A group of workers from the railroad came on 11/10/05 to the newly built trail next to the railroad tracks near Almar. They used a grader to tear up the volunteer-built trail as to render it difficult to ride a bike on. They also took down the "welcome" signs. Too bad!

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Re: Rail Trail - Almar Ave

If you didn't fight them at every step over how they use their own property, if you'd allow some energy-efficient transportation to occur (rail transport burns far less fossil fuel than trucking or aircraft!), maybe they'd let you use their property for a bike path.

Re: Rail Trail - Almar Ave

Dear Anonymous Poster. Good on ya. Just keep trumpeting on about private property right! No matter what the issue, no matter what the cost, remember the right to private property is supreme.

Re: Rail Trail - Almar Ave

The trail and the rail can easily coexist.

Unfortunately the same cannot be said for private ownership of productive property and the liberty of the people. On a sliding scale, I argue that capital and freedom are inversely proportionate.

Re: Rail Trail - Almar Ave

don't forget that the railroad right of way was given to them by the United States "For the purpose of encouraging commerce."


Re: Rail Trail - Almar Ave

don't forget that the "United States" is a nation of PEOPLE, not COMPANIES

Re: Rail Trail - Almar Ave

well if they use graders to mess up the DIY bike path, then someone can just use a grader to do the same to the UPRR track. And who owns that triangle of land in between Seaside and Almar streets? that would do nicely as a bike path route.

Re: Rail Trail - Almar Ave

there are only short stretches of sidewalks or no sidewalks on many of the streets in that area. a dirt track is a lot safer for kids to practice riding bikes on, and to get back and forth to Safeway, than using the streets. Drivers are often in a hurry near there because Mission is a frustrating place to try to turn and travel.

Re: Rail Trail - Almar Ave

I went there recently and it was fine- in fact, I didn't think the pictures above were really showing any serious destruction. What's the deal? Was it fixed REALLY fast? Someone just stirring it up a little?

Senseless Destruction

There was no need for the railroad workers to destroy the rail trail. For one thing, the railroad goes through there only a couple times a day. The teensy bicyclists posed no threat to them. There would be no legal threat because there are no legal grounds for someone to sue them so there isn't a problem.

We REALLY need accessible safe bikeways! Check out the weather this week! It's been 80+ degrees and very little rainfall so far this year. HELLOOOO! Can anyone say, "GLOBAL WARMING?" When that shit hits the fan, we will ALL go down, because we are ALL a part of the environment. It's time for people to wake up and figure out what is really happening!

Finally -- a shout out to the fine folks at People Power who help bicyclist get the the few allowances they do have. They do a fantastic job educating and equipping people with enviromentally sustainable transportation options.


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