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Students Unite Against the UC Regents Nov 16 and 17th


Call to Action!!!

Make Yourself Seen and Heard to the UC Regents!

The UC Regents will be meeting at UC Berkeley Wednesday Nov 16th and Thursday Nov 17th

Wednesday the Regents will be voting to raise students fee another 8% ($492)

Thursday they will be voting to cut financial aid.

The regents meeting agenda is here:

There will two carpools from Santa Cruz up to Berkeley:

-Wed Nov 14th:

A student led carpool will meet 6am at the Farmer’s Market parking lot and leave at 6:30am. The carpool will arrive in time for the 9am comment period. Bring a bandana.

-Thurs Nov 15th:

The Student Union Assembly (SUA) is sponsoring a vanpool/carpool. There is room for 30 in the van. Gas cards will be available to comp students who are carpooling. The van/carpool will leave at 7am (returning to Santa Cruz from Berkeley around 2:30pm) to attend a rally and march organized by University of California Student’s Association:

There will be a reportback rally at 3pm in the Baytree Plaza.

Why this matters:

San Francisco Chronicle:

2005 Disorientation Guide:

-Sunday Nov 20th:

There will be a “UCSC Student Inter-Org Coalition? meeting at 4pm-5pm in the Redwood Building near Baytree Plaza. There will be a reportback and feedback session on the Regents Meeting. In addition to the reportback, the purpose of this meeting will a continuation of a discussion that orginated at the Ethic Student of Color (ESOC) meeting on Sunday Nov 14. Those present expressed an interest in the creating an ongoing space at UCSC to foster dialouge and build a diverse and unified student coalition to address issues that effect all UC students. Please attend and bring ideas of how this best can be accomplished.

+UCSC Student Inter-Org Coalition+

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Warning, Fee Hikes Ahead!

Click on image for a larger version

0506_ucsc_disguide_small.pdf (8192 k)
Once again, the UC Regents will be voting to jack up your tuition and cut financial aid.


ESOC stands for "Ethnic Student Organizing Council"

the regents meeting can be heard at


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