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Last Night Un-Planning Meeting this Saturday

We come with different but similar hopes - blowing minds, revolution, political involvement, DIY culture, community, self-reliance, great music, bone-shaking percussion, and a rollicking good time.
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You are invited to the second Last Night general planning meeting.

This Saturday November 19th 6-8pm.

Big Yellow House. 742 N. Branciforte Ave

Don't forget to tell two people and bring them to this meeting (particularly the sparkplugy people you know). We all come with different but similar hopes for Last Night - blowing minds, revolution, political involvement, DIY culture, community, self-reliance, great music, bone-shaking percussion, and a rollicking good time.

Bring snacks, alcohol, other treats, if you can.

Come with ideas for targeting our recruiting efforts to groups doing awesome stuff (bicycle folx, drum bands, political groups, clowns, pirates, street theater folx). So far committed to Last Night: firedancers, samba, the opera lady, village drum circles, the man in black, stiltwalkers, the tiny instrument band, bicycles!, clowns, pirates, spies, and street theater

Print some handbills off the site and pass them out before the meeting: If you print the handbills double sided, and cut into quarters, it will make perfect little double-sided handbills.

Bring ideas. Bring a friend or two. Inspire. Be inspired. Scheme. Conspire. Plan.

See you there.

P.S. Seen the site lately?

(And don't forget that the same day at noon also at the BYH is the Trash Orchestra Build Day!)


A New Year's Eve parade of freaks, clowns, gamelan, politics, fire, samba drums, punks, pirates, art, bikes, hippies, art cars, zombies, marching bands, moms, dads, kids, and music. And afterward, a rollicking drum-dance party -- an all-live Brazilian, Indonesian, mariachi, funk, trash orchestra hoedown at a surprise location.

It’s a do-it-yourself parade and celebration. That means we make it happen together. No city-sponsorship. No corporate donors. We reclaim our streets and usher in the new year with our own celebration.

This summer left us feeling like, What the hell? These are the people we depend on to tell us what we can and can't do? Are we crazy? Our institutions can barely manage their own affairs. And now, First Night, our little city-sponsored humdrum New Year's safe-and-sane event, has finally imploded. It has never been clearer that we can’t rely on anyone but ourselves.

But after all, we make this city. And we create communities. Us. We are the force that has always made our communities connected and vital and full of life.

Who’s Going To Be a Part of It? So far, folks who’ve said they want to take part in Last Night include the Santa Cruz Trash Orchestra, fire dancers, Santa Cruz Art & Revolution, Village Music Circles, stiltwalkers, The Opera Lady, and many more. And you, of course.

Get a group of friends together. Start a band. Make some music, or build a float or puppets, create a contingent of pseudo-official marchers (the ministry of silly walks, ninjas for peace, whatever), spin fire, create a bike gang, anything and everything.

A Call to Action: This is our town, our celebration, our night. Let's do our own parade. A Last Night celebration. A last night of waiting for governments, institutions, or anyone else to entertain us, satisfy us, bring us security, freedom, or joy. The Last Night we wait and see. Our streets, our new year, our celebration.

More information, upcoming planning meetings, discussion, downloads at
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