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The Primary Grid

The primary earth grid for wireless energy is tectonic. Harmonix of adjustability must be inserted into the hard matter of the planet, and maintained thereafter, so that the power source from which energy is harvested, the molten core, can be tapped at will with high degrees of adjustability as concerns destination and type. This incorporates Ultrasonics to a high degree, and MHD (Magneto-hydro-dynamics). Much has been weaponised. This affects both lunar and solar activity. Beware. There is no such thing as a free lunch.

All experimentations should be well watched by many so that pertinent observations outside of things like wishful thinking can manifest. This has not been the case. Secrecy and denial meet all queries concerning this science that is actually the result of archaeology here on earth, and perhaps even elsewhere.

23000 (thousand) Hiroshima atom bombs worth of power in the one earthquake that caused the December 2004 tsunami. Mistakes of this magnitude are planet threatening. And tests, if thats what it was, in that range of magnitude, are unthinkably irresponsible. There is a group of people here who wished to use this technology to create a world where they were like little tin Gods. Hows that for sick? They usurped religion, currency, government, learning, medicine, and much much more in a long term attack that is culminating now, through their satanic agent bush, worshipped by many fundamentalists as the remaining genetix of the House of David. Sicker and sicker.

The primary earth grid of wireless energy can be accomplished initially through ground level, below ground, and above ground antennae array. Tesla developed it on a small scale. That Tesla technology was resurrected by Russia in the 50's and actually gave them a good lead in super power technology, enough to make a deal with the London Banks and their representatives here during the 80's, bush1 and reagan.

Coincident to the tectonic primary grid are the secondary and tertiary outer grids powered and maintained by macro-solar power production, and oil powered electrical antennae farms, which now cover the world. Look around. These employ the natural or augmented force lines of the planets aura.

The energy is harmful and meant to be kept in places where people are not exposed to it. It is actually a beneficial agricultural technology, when not weaponised and used for mass mk ops by scum like bush.

Perhaps the scum like bush have just installed it secretly to facilitate removal of a vast number of people in a relatively short period of time. Then there would be no problem with harmful energy being used around people. The people will just be no more.


Or Die.

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