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Freedom from the Oil Pirates

Review of Sustainable Technologies for Renewable Energy, Eliminating Waste, Recycling and for Real economic Progress.

Many Links to sustainable technology, Recycling, organic gardening-farming, renewable energy, Permaculture and disaster relief web sites.
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electric Bicycles & electric vehicles

Freedom from the Oil Pirates

solar boats, solar bicycles, making BioDiesel

convert your vehicle to an electric vehicle

convert your diesel vehicle to BioDiesel

training, classes and books

Peak Oil and Permaculture

solar Heated homes & spas ~ saving Money & energy Intelligently

heating greenhouses with solar hot water

heating buildings with vegetable biodiesel

heating swimming pools & hot tubs

strawbale homes, earth homes, dome homes

geothermal homes, passive solar homes

emergency shelters, solar tubes

water battery, flywheel battery

cohousing networks, ecovillage networks

communities for disabled people

training for developing countries

training, classes and books

Renewable Energy:

solar energy, wind energy, micro-hydro

ocean energy, tidal energy, river energy

renewable energy for remote villages

solar refrigerators

solar air conditioning

solar water heaters

solar water pumps

ram water pumps

wind water pumps

energy conservation

hydrogen fuel cells

hydrogen appliances

car share

specialized training for women

training, classes and books

Free Journal about Solar Energy, Sustainable Technologies

Sustainable Technology Fairs and Events

Tours of Solar Homes and Solar Buildings

and links to state NGO's and their events

International Solar Energy Events

Solar Walls

Organic Technology for Gardeners & Farmers:

Organic farming will feed the world

eco recycle ~ saving Money & energy ~ nullify global starvation

worm composting, EM composting

compost tea, worm tea

kitchen worm composters

garden roofs, green parking lots

winter farming and gardening

drought farming, permaculture

stormwater abatement

organic gardening, biodynamic gardening

community gardens, allotments

eliminate hunger, gardening therapy

community supported agriculture

recycling used cooking oil

purifying indoor air with plants

rainwater collection systems

fog water collection systems

solar water desalination

gray water recycling

waste water recycling

solar water purification

recycling heat from waste water

composting toilets

newsletters, training, classes and books

Books about:

organic farming & gardening

eco farming, biodynamic gardening

greenhouses, metro farms

permaculture, composting

monthly journal

solar Medical Equipment and solar Hospitals:

solar Refrigerators for vaccines and medicines:

Build into the Future

Indestructible and energy efficient buildings and homes

Hurricane proof, Tornado proof, Earthquake proof & Tidal Wave proof

Why be Stupid?

Please email this web page to your friends and to people who are concerned about our future and our Grandchildren’s future. Thank you.

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