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Have a cruelty-free thanksgiving

Turkeys, chickens, ducks and other poultry suffer horrible lives and are cruelly slaughtered. Even "organic free range" birds die horrible deaths.
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There are no animal cruelty laws protecting poultry. Often these birds are still conscious when dragged through scalding water to remove their feathers

Turkeys are so heavy they suffer broken bones and dislocated hips as they hang upside down in shackles as a conveyer belt carrys them to their cruel deaths.

A vision from hell are conveyor belts, running day and night, carrying a never ending line of terrified suffering birds to their deaths-a concentraton camp for birds.

As we do to the animals, we do to each other.

So, please direct your grocery dollars away from cruelty and toward humane vegan products. Visit and www.upc-online for more information and for cruelty free recipes.

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Re: Have a cruelty-free thanksgiving

It sounds like you just watched the peta video.

Just some questions for discussion. (I don't mean to sound like I'm attacking your beliefs.)

Is there any death that is, in your opinion, not a 'horrible death'?

Do you have a pet of any sort? Do you believe that all animals should be released and allowed to roam free?

Are you against all animal testing? (are you or someone you love diabetic?)

Do you own anything that is made of leather or do you believe that this is wrong as well?

Re: Have a cruelty-free thanksgiving

to zapataszapatos

Hi, here are the answers to your questions:

!. No, I didnt watch the PETA video. I've been a member of United Poultry Concerns -a group that fights cruelty to poultry-for many years. The photo of the turkey is one of the LEAST horrible experiances these birds must endure.

2. Death by torture is horrible, for animals and people. To die in ones sleep or to painlessly euthanize a suffering animal is not horrible for the being who died, though any death IS horrible for surviving mourners.

3. Yes, I adopted two unwanted cockatiels who were neglected and mistreated. Since they already exist and have been rendered unable to survive in the wild, I care for them.

4. No. if domesticated animals were released, they would starve or be killed by cars or wild animals. Humans created helpless domestic animals, and since they already exist, I support sanctuaries such as Farm Sanctuary, United Poultry Concerns, various feral cat sanctuaries, and any sanctuary where these animals can live out their lives. What IS horrible is the industrialized mass production of domestic "food" and "pet" animals by forced breedng. Puppy mills crank out thousands of unwanted puppies that are euthanized at dog pounds. An excess of life causes an excess of death.

5. I am against animal testing because it doesnt work!

Animal bodies are not the same as human bodies! The drug thalidomide which pregnant women took for headaches decades ago, was approved after animal testing. It caused thousands of babies to be born without arms or legs.

Computer models or human cell cultures can be used for research to cure diseases.

6. No, I do not own any leather products.

7. Leather supports cruelty because most people who buy leather dont realize the cruelty their dollars support. However, they are NOT "evil" or "wrong" -they are UNINFORMED.Leather is a by-product of the domestic cattle industry which is horribly cruel. Cows are kept constantly pregnant to insure a steady milk supply. Calfs are taken from the mother days old and are either raised for meat or milk OR if a male, the calfs are chained in tiny crates to create veal. They never eat solid food, cant sit down, see the sun, breathe fresh air, and are shot full of antibiotics to keep them alive long enough to be killed since they must live in their own filth.

Adult cows are often skinned alive and dismembered while still conscious. The slaughterhouse industry is RACIST-it builds slaughterhouses in poor areas where Americans are desperate for jobs-then hires immigrants to drive down the wages. Workers are forced to kill so rapidly they often dont have time to stun the cow before skinning it.

Eating meat or using leather products is NOT necessary to sustain life. I havent eaten meat or dairy products for years and am healthy. Milk causes women to get osteoporosis since it causes the bones to lose mass. Milk for strong bones is a lie. Check out Physicians for Social Responsibility, a vegan doctors group to learn more about healthy cruelty free food choices.

Thank you for your questions. These are among the most numerous ones asked of vegans by people who use animal products and/or eat animal flesh.

Re: Have a cruelty-free thanksgiving

thank you for posting this reminder. i am always so sad this time of year, thinking of all the animal suffering that goes into these holidays, and being told to have a "happy turkey day" by people who don't know me well enough to know my politics and diet. We will as usual have a vegan feast tomorrow. There is no need to contribute to violence against animals by eating them.


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