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Save the Boreal Forest from Victoria's Secret

With one phone call you can stop the steady flow of Victoria's Secret catalogs made from virgin timber... at least in your mailbox.
If you receive a Victoria's Secret catalog (or a dozen) this holiday season, and want the madness to stop, here's how:

1) Dial 1.800.888.8200

2) Press 1

3) Stay on the line through the next menu until you get customer service

4) Tell them you want to save the Boreal Forest and so want to stop receiving catalogs. Give them your "Client #" from the box on the back of the catalog you received.

5) Suggest that they expire catalog service one year after your last purchase.

6) Suggest that they provide an easy way to unsubscribe from catalog service on their website.

What is Victoria's Dirty Secret?

* Approximately 395 million catalogs are mailed by Victoria's Secret each year--that's more than one million a day.

* Most catalogs end up in the trash or recycling--often without even being looked at.

* Almost all of these catalogs are produced from virgin fiber paper with little or no recycled content.

* Paper for these catalogs is destroying Endangered Forests like the great northern Boreal forest of Canada.

* Victoria’s Secret is not satisfied with just stripping the Boreal, it is also destroying forests in the Southern U.S. The Southern U.S. is one of the most biologically diverse regions of our country where nearly six million acres of forest are logged each year, primarily for the production of paper.

* Indigenous people are being negatively impacted by the logging and paper production industries.

* Native plant and animal populations are being destroyed by logging and processing operations and the pollution they create.

* Because of its immense buying power, Victoria's Secret is in a position to help change the catalog industry toward sustainable paper purchasing.

* The company has refused to make commitments to protect our Endangered Forests.

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