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Pee In Peace!

Transgender Law Center Releases “Peeing in Peace? a first-of-its-kind publication for transgender activists and allies

The Transgender Law Center (TLC) makes history today by releasing Peeing In Peace: A Resource Guide For Transgender Activists and Allies. The guide will help transgender community members and allies confront gender-based discrimination and harassment in public bathrooms. Transgender people, including people whose gender expression isn’t stereotypical, are regularly alienated from employment, education, social services, and consumer environments simply because they are prevented from using the correct bathroom or because they are harassed while doing so.

Peeing In Peace (PiP) provides information about legal rights and advocacy tools for anyone who faces this kind of discrimination. PiP also offers community activists and allies basic tools that they can use when advocating with employers, school administrators, government officials, and business owners to create safe bathroom access policies. PiP provides the common sense solutions that many decision makers have told us they need in order to create non-discriminatory environments. Grassroots activists will also be able to use PiP to help create a bathroom safety campaign

Electronic copies of PiP can be downloaded free at or printed copies can be ordered for $9.99 at

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