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DeNuke UC! -- UCSC Students Rally Against Bechtel and Nuclear Proliferation

This a press release/summary of what happened today at UCSC. Pictures are coming...

CONTACT: Students Against War’s Demilitarize UC press team via:
Steve Stormoen, sstormoe (at), (831) 420-0545

UC Santa Cruz Students Rally against the UC Los Alamos Lab Bid
DeNuke UC day of action a loud voice against nuclear proliferation and corporate interest

On Wednesday, November 30 – the UC wide Nuclear Day of Action, approximately one hundred UCSC students took part in a spirited rally at the quarry plaza on the UC campus. The day’s events, called “DeNuke UC?, sent a loud and clear message to UCSC administration, the UC Regents as well as President Robert Dynes that Santa Cruz students do not stand for nuclear proliferation in the name of education.

The 2-hour long event, organized by the UCSC Students Against War, featured performances by the Raging Grannies, speeches by students and community members as well as a guerrilla-theatre “UC-Bechtel wedding ceremony. The day was culminated by an informative talk by former Lawrence Livermore Lab employee and whistleblower, Leuren Moret.

By decorating the colorful papier-mache bomb in the center of the crowd with writing and art, students, faculty, and community members were able to share their thoughts on the Bechtel-UC partnership as well as the continued research of new nuclear weapons at UC-run labs. “Don’t take my money for nuclear development: don’t steal my education,? read one quote, another called for the dismissal of the UC Regents and President Dynes.

The Students Against War presented the following demands to UC administration:

1) Retract their bid for the Los Alamos National Lab (LANL).

2) End their management of Lawrence Livermore National Lab.

3) Acknowledge and heed the opinions of an informed student populace regarding future involvement in the nuclear weapons business.

4) Comply with international law, including the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, in order to improve the standing of our institution and our nation in the international community.

5) Provide and promote opportunities for scientists and engineers to engage in research and employment in ethical science outside the realms of the nuclear weapons and defense industries – help end the current climate of coercion by lack of alternative opportunity and allow scientists and engineers an honest freedom of choice.

6) Commit to cleaning up the area around LANL and the community of Los Alamos and repair the environmental damage the lab has caused.

7) Issue an apology to those affected by the labs, and the weapons those labs have produced.

Interviews and photos available upon request.

For more information, contact Students Against War’s Demilitarize UC press team through Steve Stormoen: sstormoe (at), (831) 420-0545.

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Re: DeNuke UC! -- UCSC Students Rally Against Bechtel and Nuclear Proliferation

“Don’t take my money for nuclear development: don’t steal my education,?

How did they steal your education? Explain please.

Re: DeNuke UC! -- UCSC Students Rally Against Bechtel and Nuclear Proliferation

It is more likely that nuclear research generates money for the UC system than takes from it.

Re: DeNuke UC! -- UCSC Students Rally Against Bechtel and Nuclear Proliferation

Face it, the US is not going to give up its entire nuclear arnsenal anytime soon. Given that, I'd think it should be an important priority to keep the nukes safe and secure. I can't speak to what "new weapons" development is ongoing at the labs, nor to what extent the UC faculty and students are involved in such.

And the last poster is correct: the contract has benefitted many UC students through funding for their education. It could very easily goto pres' home state of texas if the contract is lost.

LANL and our education

Financially, the UC recieves little gain or loss for managing the labs. Under the old contract, the DOE offered 6 million dollars in awards to the UC for its duties managing LANL, but this was entirely offset by security and safety penalties, which ultimately culminated in LANL recently needing to be shut down for several months.

Meanwhile, the lab's partnership with the UC acts as enticement for the brightest and most promising graduates of the University to head off to New Mexico to design bombs, rather than do research on campus and contribute back to the educational system.

As for the last commenter's post, I don't understand what's so much better about the UC than Texas. If your reasoning is about safety and security, then you need to look no further than the missing data disks and laser-induced eye injuries that happened within the last few years, all under UC management. And if your argument is that the UC will somehow make the labs "better" than Texas will, well, that's also null. The UC has zero policy control over the labs (the Regents have said so themselves, "we don't make the policy, we just do the science"), and even if they did, it'd be tough to get worse than an 80% nuclear weapons related budget.

The "new weapons" development going on at the labs is also rather complicated. New plutonium pits, the cores of modern nuclear warheads, are being manufactured at Livermore and Los Alamos, and plans have been made to expand that capacity. These pits are being used not in brand new bombs, but to replace the warheads of existing, aging bombs. However, these pits are often much more powerful, deadly, and come loaded with expanded miscellaneous capabilities: in essense, they become new weapons. This program, the Stockpile Stewardship Program, breaks international law: according to the Non-Proliferation Treaty, these aging warheads should be dismantled and taken off the US arsenal, not beefed up for another several decades of inducing - at the best, fear and terror. At the worst...

Re: DeNuke UC! -- UCSC Students Rally Against Bechtel and Nuclear Proliferation


Re: DeNuke UC! -- UCSC Students Rally Against Bechtel and Nuclear Proliferation

A good offense is a good defense. As with everything, UC's involvement is UC's own business. Last I checked, international tribunals or sanctions by the UN do diddly in this day and age. Force is the only application that will make people listen.

Ex: World War II

Re: DeNuke UC! -- UCSC Students Rally Against Bechtel and Nuclear Proliferation

Everybody always trots out WW2, the "good" war, as the pinnacle example of US foreign policy, the ultimate justification of our right to use force regardless of international law. Forgetting, of course, that the UN was created in response to WW2.
Clearly, WW2 is an anachronism, an example of a type of warfare that history has thankfully buried.
And what kinds of military actions has the US undergone since WW2: Vietnam, Panama, Greneda, and Iraq 1&2? Do you believe that these are the same types of conflicts as WW2? What in these conflicts justified the use of force? What in Iraq justified the use of white phosphorus? Hell, in the Vietnam war, force didn't even work. Not to mention, in Korea, Vietnam, and the Iraq war, there have been plans drawn up to prepare for the use of nuclear weapons. What justifies that kind of force?

Re: DeNuke UC! -- UCSC Students Rally Against Bechtel and Nuclear Proliferation

I'll counter with "what justifies by sitting down and doing nothing" That's sounds just like the UN stance on everything. The United Nations is a useless organization that does basically nothing but watch conflicts instead of stopping them. Diplomacy does not work in all cases. Diplomacy will not work in Iran either. You can actually see the EU/US is trying to pressure Iran to stop it's nuclear program showing signs of "force" an obvious given. Is it better that we do nothing in the world, but sit on our collective asses and go against any war till its at our door step? I'm for preventative maitenance, I hope you damn well are too. In the end, what you fail to understand is the world will never be an equal place, there will always be people who hate us no matter who we are and every nation works in their own self-interest. It's a given fact! What's so bad about working in our self interest? Better us providing an opportunity in the world as a nation that does help, than another nation such as North Korea ruling the world with an iron fist....


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