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'In Pursuit Of Happiness' Documentary Comedy

Wolf & Moon Productions - “In Pursuit of Happiness?
Directed by Joel Christian McEwen

On behalf of Wolf & Moon Productions, we are writing to let you know about our feature-length documentary, “In Pursuit of Happiness.? This exciting film is almost finished, and we are reaching out to like-minded individuals to help see this project through to completion.
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This timely examination of our culture addresses the vital topic of over-consumption and features exceptional interviews with celebrities and luminaries including Danny Glover, Howard Zinn, Ed Begley Jr., Medea Benjamin, Jean Kilbourne, Satish Kumar and many more, with each individual articulating their own sense of why so many people are caught up in pursuing a very commercialized version of happiness.

We have completed all of our major interviews for the film and already have the interest and support of John Raatz, co-owner of Awakened Media, a worldwide distribution company who’s phenomenal films include ‘What the Bleep Do We Know’, ‘Baraka’ and ‘Mindwalk’.

If you believe that over-consumption is having dire consequences upon the quality of life on this planet and you would like to do something about it, we would love to able to count on your support. It is truly only by the support of people such as yourselves that we are able to make this happen at all. We are looking for people to pass the word about this film to others, help with post production and research and help with our fund raising drive.

We are based in Santa Cruz, California.

For investors looking for a socially responsible investment opportunity or environmentally sustainable businesses interested in a sponsorship package that will provide them with excellent exposure, please contact us by email at pr (at) or by phone at (831) 278-0224. You can also check out our ten minute demo or download our press-pack from our website at

We look forward to hearing from you soon, and thank you so much for helping us to educate, inspire, and empower our fellow human beings!

Kind regards,

IPOH Production Team

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