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New Orleans Common Ground reportback (12/7)

On Wednesday, Dec. 7, at 2:30, in the College 8 Red Room (UCSC), there will be a report-back from the Common Ground relief efforts going on in the ravaged city of New Orleans. The event will focus on the state of the city and surrounding areas, hit both by hurricanes Katrina and Rita, and on the ways which these tradgedies combined with the region's corruption and racism to create a truly devastating situation for it's residents.

There is still no power in much of the city. Trash pickup is sporadic, making it very difficult for people to begin the cleaning process. People are being evicted from their homes, their belongings thrown into the street. There are still national-guard enforced curfews in much of the city.

Common Ground is a grassroots group which has risen from the rubble to provide, in a very DIY fashion, many of the services which the local, federal, and state aid groups, as well as the nonprofits, have neglected to provide. Under the banner Solidarity not Charity, common ground is attempting to help people rebuild their homes and lives, and to combat the racism which led to the current situation.

20 min. video presentation
Wednesday, Dec. 7, 2:30, College 8 Red Room, UCSC

Hope y'all can make it

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