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La Virgen de Guadalupe, Local Artists Envision 12/10 until 1/15

Visions of Guadalupe

Art Opening Reception

Local Artists Envision

La Virgen de Guadalupe

Saturday, December 10, 2005 / 6-8pm
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d.f. por Adriana
Free and Open to the Public. Join Us!

ALMA Gifts and Culture
1705 Mission Street
Santa Cruz
(by Ristorante Avanti)
(831) 425-2562

Exhibit ends January 15, 2006

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Re: La Virgen de Guadalupe, Local Artists Envision 12/10 until 1/15

Goddess consciousness is seeping into the collective unconsciousness. Qwan Yin and Mary are female deities whose message is peace and compassion-the virtues of the Good Mother. These are the opposite traits of all the punishing Father Gods invented by men.

Whether you believe in Qwan Yin or if Mary really appeared, giving the world Her image, the fact remains that the image of Goddess Female Deity is being embrased by millions of people, especially women whose suffering has been overwhelmingly caused by Father-god worshiping men.


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