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An anti-corporate Xmas carol

Here's an anti consumerist, anti war, anti-corporate Xmas carol my friend wrote. It would be great for the Santa Brawl on the Mall.
Sung to "God rest ye merry gentlemen"
God Wreck Ye Very Wretched Men let nothing go your way,
For everything you do destroys the earth more every day.
You clearcut, poison, drill and mine you're ethics gone astray!
Oh, glad sightings of profits in the sky-when the bombs fly,
Oh, sad crying mothers watching children die!

God crush ye greedy mother-fakers lie your way to hell,
For our children are dying while your bloated bankbooks swell.
Your beady eyes can't hide the cold heart hidden in your shell!
All your lying will not disguise the truth-there's too much proof,
*And Miami proves the courage of our youth!

God thrust ye barely shells of men into the mess you've made,
You kill for oil and power and send our soldiers to their graves.
You cannot bomb for peace nor can you make the world your slaves!
We're defying each tactic you employ-jump Georgie boy,
We won't let you kill our planet like your toy!

God mend ye broken men hell-bent on shedding blood for oil,
The chicken hawks who rake it in are not the ones who toil.
They send our children in to kill and die on foreign soil!
And keep lying while selling George Bush toys-to little boys,
Plastic soldiers to make corpses of our boys!

God dress ye naked neanderthals in Washington DC,
Who kill the Bill of Rights and tell the citizens we're free.
And wrap the coffins in a flag but hide them from TV!
Oh mad fighting will not bring back our boys, bring back our boys,
Send the chicken hawks instead of our girls and boys!

God wrest the weapons from your hands and fill your hearts with light,
Enligntening and extracting you from the religious right.
Reform the forked tongue that twists God's word to make us fight!
So glad tidings of comfort and joy-is not just a ploy,
But glad tidings of comfort and joy!

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