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Emergency Action - Save Tookie protest Monday Dec. 12

If the gubernator does not grant Stanley Tookie Williams clemency on monday and the execution goes forward for midnight - December 13, we are organizing a car pool to drive to San Quentin for the protest. We will meet at 5:00pm on Monday, December 12, at the Government center parking lot on the corner of Ocean and Water.
If you can drive, please contact me and let me know asap how many people you have seatbelts for and roughly how much gas money you would need for the round trip. It will be cold, dark, a long walk from the parking area to the gates, and you should prepare accordingly i.e. warm clothes, comfortable shoes, flashlight, food/water etc. Hopefully we will not have to make the drive, but we have to be ready and be as big and visible as possible!

email freeeradical -at-

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Re: Emergency Action - Save Tookie protest Monday Dec. 12

There will likely be anti-death penalty activists gathered at the town clock tonight after 8pm. Folks who cannot get to San Quentin should gather there.

Re: Emergency Action - Save Tookie protest Monday Dec. 12

If you are out of the area or for whatever reason you have access to a computer but not transportation to the Town Clock, the chat room will be hosted until just after 12AM tonight Dec 12-13th. And/Or you can listen in to KPFA 94.1 FM or any Pacifica Radio station to hear the live broadcast from San Quentin. According to the broadcast, a total of 4 new witnesses have come forward in the past few days to tell why they think Williams could be innocent of the crimes he was convicted of. One of those witnesses came forward tonight. Kind of late, but better late than never.


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