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The Health Care Fiasco Grows Among Temporary Services

Both Kelly and Manpower now offer "health plans" that are a sick joke.
A couple of years ago, working for Manpower Staffing Services, it was possible to get a decent long term major medical plan at a price that was comparable to the COBRA payments made after being laid off from a company that had traditional group health coverage (Major Medical PPO). Today that is no longer the case. Today, both Kelly Services and Manpower have health benefit plans called "Limited Benefit Health Indemnity Insurance Plans" or "Short Term Major Medical Insurance."

The website for Kelly's plan claims that Major Medical/PPO plans are available in most states, but when you call them you find out that this does not include California.

Kelly's/Leslie's short term major medical plan covers you for up to 12 months and then lapses so that all conditions still occurring after 12 months are classified as "pre-existing conditions."

It is questionable weather it is even legal to offer such plans as "medical insurance". Weather it is strictly legal or not depends on some fine print, such as what state the benefit plan is administered from, according to a nurse that I spoke to recently.

Neither the Kelly nor Manpower plans in CA currently cover mental health problems. Manpower covers 5-10 doctor visits per year and a few thousand dollars for surgery, that's it.

This type of "health plan" is a sick joke.

A better plan is to convert your COBRA PPO or HMO plan to a gauranteed coverage plan after COBRA period of 18 months expires. As an example, my provider, Health Net, will cover pre existing conditions under such a plan, at approximately double the COBRA premium. You are entitled to this type of coverage under the Health Insurance Portablity Act. Left out in the cold are those folks who did not originally work for a company that had major medical PPO or HMO coverage.

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Re: The Health Care Fiasco Grows Among Temporary Services

if you do not like what kelly and manpower have to offer don't work there. I have had the pleasure to have worked for kelly before and they gave me a good wage.

Re: The Health Care Fiasco Grows Among Temporary Services

Considering that Manpower has been the sole source of getting my foot in the door to an actual job for the last 4 years, I'm not about to abandon them right away. They are the nation's largest employer, and as such I expect much better from them.

Anonymous Poster: It would be nice if we lived in a world where if you don't like your present living situation you could just tap your heels together and say "There's No Place Like Home" and poof suddenly you have been able to find a job with decent healthcare benefits. But that is not reality. The reality is that even those places that do offer decent health care benefits have been raising employee contributions and cutting the benefit package (raising deductables, cutting coverage) until some employers end up with exactly what Kelly and Manpower are offering. This is wrong and someone has to step in and put a stop to it. Statewide or Nationalized single payer healthcare would be a good way to stop this.


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