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Help support a Moratorium on Executions!! (AB 1121)

Californians for a Moratorium on Executions (CME) is a coalition of diverse groups working for a time-out on executions and a study of the death penalty in California. The coalition was founded in 2001 after more than 100 people had been released from death rows across the nation after having been found wrongfully convicted. Even many supporters of the death penalty have agreed that the system is broken and have joined the call for a time-out on executions.

Californians for a Moratorium on Executions

Recent News!

On June 14, 2005 California State Assemblymembers Paul Koretz (D-West Hollywood) and Sally Lieber (D-Mountain View) announced that they were introducing the “California Moratorium on Executions Act� (AB 1121). The act, if passed, would suspend all executions in California until January 1, 2009 while the California Commission on the Fair Administration of Justice conducts a thorough study of the state’s criminal justice procedures. Asm. Koretz declared, "For the state of California to continue to execute prisoners, while an official governmental body investigates the findings and allegations of error and justice and unfairness in the criminal justice system, just doesn't make sense."

Why Support a Moratorium or "time-out" on Executions?

There are many reasons to support a moratorium or "time-out" on executions.

• People in the United States pride themselves on fairness, and study after study has shown the death penalty to be grossly unfair. 122 people nationwide have been released from death row with evidence of their innocence, some coming within hours of their execution.

• Right now, race, place, and poverty are the determining factors in who lives and who dies when it comes to California's death penalty. Executions should be suspended so we can study the system thoroughly.

• There are alternatives. Existing law in California provides for life without the possibility of parole, under which no offender has ever been released, except for one man who was determined to be innocent. Several human rights and religious organizations advocate other alternatives that include life sentences combined with restitution to the victim's family and victim/offender reconciliation programs.

To get involved (such as signing an online petition, getting your local group to pass a moratorium resolution, to print and circulate the moratorium petition, etc.), please see:


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