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Update on the De Anza 8

This is an update on the situation of the men who were racially profiled, abused and arrested on the night of November 11 after the protests against Colin Powell in San Jose at De Anza College. If you were among those who witnessed the police brutality there that evening, you are urged to get in contact with those who are supporting these victims.
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From Monday's press conference

(Courtesy: South Bay Mobilization for Peace)
De Anza 8 Continue To Need Your Support: Report on De Anza 8 Press Conference and Meeting of the Justice Review Committee of the Santa Clara County Human Relations Commission December 12

For anyone who missed it, Monday's press conference with the De Anza defendants went very well. The family, lawyer, supporters, and especially the young men themselves gave the press and audience a stunning report of what happened to them at De Anza College the night of November 11.

Thanks to all who came and to those who helped with logistics!

The meeting of the Justice Review Committee of the Santa Clara Human Relations Commission followed the press conference, and the floor was opened for the same testimony as well as that of community members on the issues of police brutality, racial profiling, and unjust arrests on the night of November 11, as well as the implied intimidation of our community's anti-war voice. The room was packed, and this part of the meeting went on for about two hours without a dull moment! (If you missed this, DON'T miss the next one January 24; see below.) The committee was patient and very interested.

Current status: previously scheduled arraignments have already been postponed. A letter will be drafted asking the DA's office to postpone existing arraignments scheduled for December 28 until after the HRC hears the testimony at their meeting January 24. Efforts are still encouraged by everyone to call the DA's office to demand dropping the charges (call David Howe (408-792-2633). The possibility of mediation to facilitate dialogue over dropping the charges will be pursued.

A member of the Justice Review Committee, Richard Hobbs, offered to meet directly with defendants and/or their representatives. The committee will request a meeting with Sheriff Laurie Smith.

The next Justice Review Committee meeting is 6 p.m., January 9, at 1880 Pruneridge Ave, Santa Clara.

The HRC Executive Committee meets next on January 10 at 1880 Pruneridge Ave, Santa Clara.

(We don't yet know the specific agendas or public status of those meetings.)

The Santa Clara County Human Relations Commission meets at 6 p.m., January 24, and will open the floor for the testimony heard by the JR Committee Monday night. This will be held at the Board of Supervisor chambers at 70 W Hedding, San Jose. Please come.

Things to do:

Call the DA's office and tell them how you feel about what happened and ask them (politely) to drop the charges: (408) 792-2633. Call your county supervisor representative and make sure they know what's up and that we care very much about this. Collect donations for the defense of the young men arrested. Checks can be written to SBM (South Bay Mobilization) with "De Anza 8" written in the memo. SBM's website ( has PayPal set up as well. If you have a specific complaint about a specific officer, you may file it with the sheriff's Internal Affairs Dept. (408) 808-4930. Attend the county HRC meeting at 70 W Hedding January 24 and listen to what happened!

This column appeared in the December 14 San Jose Mercury News: Protest arrests disturbingly disparate

To get involved or get more information about the De Anza arrestees defense, call (408) 998-8504 or email

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