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Tuesday at Noon is Tookie's funeral in Los Angeles

The memorial service for Stanley Tookie Williams will take place Tuesday, December 20, 2005 at 12 noon. The service will take place at Bethel A.M.E. located at 7900 South Western Avenue in Los Angeles. The service will be open to the public, but seating is limited.

Stanley Tookie Williams' Memorial Service

Participants will include: Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr., Bruce Gordon of the NAACP, Minister Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam, recording artist Snoop Dogg, human rights advocate Bianca Jagger, Williams' long time advocate and friend Barbara Becnel, Jamie Foxx, Danny Glover, and Sean Penn.

Williams' funeral scheduled for Tuesday in Los Angeles

Friday, December 16, 2005
(12-16) 16:59 PST Los Angeles (AP) --

A memorial service for Stanley Tookie Williams, the convicted killer who was executed earlier this week at San Quentin Prison, has been scheduled for Tuesday.

Among the guests invited to the public service are the Rev. Jesse Jackson, Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan and rapper Snoop Dogg, according to a statement by Williams' supporters.

Williams, the 51-year-old co-founder of the Crips street gang died by injection at San Quentin Prison early Tuesday for the murders of four people in two Los Angeles County 1979 holdups.

The noon service will be held at Bethel AME Church and will include large TV screens outside.


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Re: Tuesday at Noon is Tookie's funeral in Los Angeles


Some Thoughts On Stanley Tookie Williams And His Upcoming Big Funeral

I seem to recall the case of another kind of gang leader of sorts who might or might not have gotten his hands dirty in the actual killing of many people of all ages. However, he encouraged blood-letting and witnessed several executions.

He was, in fact, on his way to commit/oversee more hate crimes when he had a life-changing experience.

There were (as in the case of Tookie) some people who were skeptical that he'd changed, but, after much praying, they gave him a chance, anyway.

Paul proved himself and is known for his beautiful and encouraging letters to the early churches.

Ironically, he ended up getting executed--but by the people who liked him better the way he used to be and were getting rid of him because he wasn't their type anymore.

To this very day, Paul is considered to be a saint--even though he has said himself that he was the worst of sinners.

It's quite likely that Stephen--who was praying for the forgiveness of those stoning him to death--also gurgled at some point, and his executioners might have gotten a thrill out of that.

Or, maybe, his executioners were more like those who believe in the death penalty. They might have heard his gurgling and seen his blood spill but--while this gave them no personal thrill--thought that he deserved this so they weren't about to become bleeding hearts over this.

There's some doubt that Tookie killed those four people--or had anything to do with it. I believe that, in his changed state-of-mind, he would have owned up to it (even though there's the chance that he would have blocked it from his memory)--especially, if it meant escaping execution.

Whether he did or not, he still turned his life around and made it his mission to do everything in his power to discourage young people from joining gangs.

We remember that Paul oversaw a lot of executions of Christians and was on his way to kill even more Christians when he became a changed person through Jesus.

But this isn't what he's primarily remembered for. He's primarily remembered for letters of encouragement and for his leadership in the early church.

If someone told Stephen's family and friends that the sneering man at their loved one's stoning would even have Popes taking his name and wearing it with pride in the future, I wonder how they would have felt.

I wonder how they would have felt to know that an excerpt from his writings would often be read as part of the celebration of two lives being joined in marriage and that songs would even be written using his words as lyrics.

There would have, likely, been a mix of feelings among them.

However, if someone told this to Stephen, himself, his response would, no doubt, have been, "Praise Jesus!!!"

There is going to be a funeral service of great size and importance for Stanley Tookie Williams this week, and all kinds of celebrities are going to be there along with many everyday people as well.

Doesn't that seem to be a lot of fuss to be made over a criminal--which Tookie definitely was by the very fact that he was one of the two leaders of the Crips gang?

Yes! It's too much fuss to be made over a criminal.

But those who will be turning out for his funeral won't be celebrating the demonic life he lived in the past but, instead, the changes in his life and how he, like Paul, was so dedicated to bringing about that change in others!

It's my prayer that the legacy he'll leave behind is the continuation of getting out of the gang mentality and resolving our differences in loving ways.

May it speak to the people who think that street gangs are glorious.

May it speak to those (of any color) who join (or consider joining) groups promoting racism.

May it speak to those who see it heroic to fly into buildings full of innocent people or set off explosives in marketplaces, schools, daycare centers, and other places.

May it also speak to those who still believe that the death penalty is the answer to crime and get so busy in their obsession with promoting it that they overlook alternative options with successful outcomes that are springing up here and there like neglected orphans--programs that not only rehabilitate those who have already done the crime and are doing the time but, also, prevent people from choosing crime in the first place.

So--celebrities and non-celebrities alike--attend his funeral without shame if you're in the Los Angeles area. For those of us who are many miles away, attend his funeral in your hearts.

Become more like the Tookie whose life was snuffed out prematurely with our laws and tax dollars and less like the Tookie in a life he successfully put behind him!

Re: Tuesday at Noon is Tookie's funeral in Los Angeles

My condolences goes out to the family and friends of Mr. Tookie Williams. I hope and pray that he is in the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ and resting in peace.

Re: Tuesday at Noon is Tookie's funeral in Los Angeles

i believe tookie was innocent and it is not right to take his life because you believe he took a life . also r.i.p. tookie we love you and miss you and will continue your work. And your free from the prison guards and we pray youve made peace with God . love the Avent family

Re: Tuesday at Noon is Tookie's funeral in Los Angeles

When Jesus was on the cross ,he said to the two
thief they hung beside him, I'll see you in paradise.
Love, in Christ, Catherina Gutierrez
Chino Calif.


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