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We just need justice

I am a Spanish University teacher, that have exiliated urgently in México to prevent a new Psichyatric imprisonning as that happened last february. My "craziness": to fight, in our group, for life, human and overhuman rights, the Indigenous Cultures and People, and for ecology.
My name is Agustin Antunez. I am Associate Professor in Biodiversity and Conservation at the University of Málaga, Andalucía, Southern Spain. I am a defender with my colleagues of the peace, the human rights, the Indigenous cultures and people, and of enviromental sustainability. We have integrated during the last several years a transdiciplinary informal research group which recently we have called Simbiodiversity Seminar. I am writing this letter from Mexico, to where I have urgently travelled four days ago, escaping from spanish authorities, that tried to imprison me in a psychiatric institution.

Last spring I was imprisonned and isolated in a psychiatric institution for a month, and heavily neuromedicated during many months with the evident partial loss of my critical conscience to the surprise and suffering of so many friends and colleagues. The reason: after months in which we have expressed our opposition to many antienvironmental projects, we have decided to dennounce openly, by means of fliers and alternative internet media, the economic-political system of my country. My mother Spain is destroying everyday more and more, the real basis of our possibilities for survival in a world of uncertain future. And, what is the most important thing is that this evergrown destruction is very clearly deliberate, premeditated and conscious.

Following the politically correctness that seems so common in cases like this, the conventional mass media , in spite of our own continuous interest, comdenned our dennounce to the most absolute silence. After to have disseminate, during several weeks, our dennounce by fliers and by alternative internet media (Indymedia...), the authorities imprisoned me in a psichiatric institution. In my absence, the University of Malaga staff disseminated, very efficiently, the wrong diagnosis that I actually had a mental illness, and convinced the unknowing masses of people to actually believe the true socio-political reasons of my imprisonment. It is well known that in last years, the psychiatric imprisonment is being more and more frequently used, as a repression tool, against those people that are situated in disidence.

Fortunately, after one month of confinement and many months of neuromedication, I was regaining more and more my conscience. Thankfully, my colleagues began again to join to the fight in the socio-environmental arena.

It must be said that the territory in our region: the province of Malaga and the Costa del Sol, is being transformed at an inusitated and never unknown rate, by means of river channelizations, damns, motorways, high-velocity trains and an overgrown urbanization and economic especulation, that affects Malaga City and all over the coastal line; a proccess which is actually known from many other parts of today rapidly changing world.

Last week, almost 24 hours after to organize, with the Simbiodiversity Seminar, a round table in the University of Malaga about a recent and “technically unexpected? very big ecological disaster that has been caused in the mountains of El Chorro-Abdalajis, I have suffered a new attempt of pyschiatric imprisonning. And so I urgently decided to exiliate to Mexico, from where I am requesting support for our cause.

I am sending this message for support to many indigenous, social and political organizations, institutions and mass media all over the world.

e-mails may be sent to the chairwoman of the University of Malaga: delacalle (at)
and to the Director of the Department of Animal Biology: sanscoma (at)

Many thanks for your support (december, 19, 2005)

We just want justice for a growing and rapidly unpredictable world.

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