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Cycorp Most Likely Involved in NSA Spying on Telecommunications

Private defense contractor Cycorp announced in 2003 a project that exactly matches the description of the illegal Bush program using the NSA to spy on Americans. Moreover, Cycorp was in negotiations with the NSA for a project approximately one year before CNN covered this announcement.

Cycorp Most Likely Involved in NSA Spying on Telecommunications

According to NY Times:

"The NSA, with help from American telecommunications companies, obtained access to streams of domestic and international communications, said the Times, citing unidentified current and former government officials.

The story did not name the companies.

Since the Times disclosed the domestic spying program last week, President Bush has stressed that his executive order allowing the eavesdropping was limited to people with known links to al Qaeda.

But the Times said that NSA technicians have combed through large volumes of phone and Internet traffic in search of patterns that might lead to terrorists."

This is interesting given Cycorp's work on the Total Information Awareness system for the Information Awareness Office:

"Doug Lenat, president of Cycorp, says his researchers have built the beginnings of a system to identify calling patterns between suspected terrorists."

What makes it even more interesting is that a former employee claims that Cycorp was involved in online harassment on behalf of the Bush administration which included telecommunications monitoring.  Cycorp is a defense contractor located in Austin, Texas.



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