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Charles Schwab Chooses Nasdaq because it's more corrupt.

James Angel earlier this year even made a video infomercial for what appears to be a criminal stock manipulation group whose only 'official' address as it turned out was a lap dance club in Las Vegas called the Cheetah Club !!! The only lap dance club to ever be investigated by the FBI under the Patriot Act......
James Angel,Georgetown:Charles Schwab Chooses Nasdaq because it's more corrupt.

(San Diego residents,google search 'senator bennett cheetah club san diego ncans'to learn more)

Recently Charles Schwab,previously listed on both the NYSE and the Nasdaq stock exchanges,removed itself from the New York Stock Exchange or NYSE.It was another good opportunity for James Angel, the self promoting Georgetown University stock 'expert' and Nasdaq connected scholar,to tout both himself and crow for his fellow Nasdaq good ol boys and girls in the Dow Jones and other news outlets.' Dr.' Jim Angel also 'serves' on the OTCBB Advisory Board
which is now part of the Nasdaq.

The OTCBB is famous for fraud,particularly illegal 'pump and dump' activities and,in recent years, fraudulent claims of being 'naked shorted' to cover them up.The illegal pump and dump of unaudited shares may also be aiding money laundering, something James J.Angel nor the SEC is quick to mention.This activity seems to benefit many anonymous criminals,some American and some in the Beltway or Washington D.C. area, who generally keep or send their stock fraud profits overseas to avoid U.S. taxes on what they steal from American and onshore retail investors.Isn't that correct ' Dr.' Angel ?

In fact he often lies outright in fraudulently claiming these scammy stocks he touts and represents are'naked shorted',meaning non-existent shares are being electronically produced out of thin silicon or software that do not exist,by brokers and market makers like Charles Schwab, to drive the stock prices down when he knows for a fact fraudulent company management are really engaged in illegal pump and dump activities while his Nasdaq friends and the SEC look the other way.

James Angel earlier this year even made a video infomercial for what appears to be a criminal stock manipulation group whose only 'official' address as it turned out was a lap dance club in Las Vegas called the Cheetah Club !!! The criminal gang involved refuse to identify themselves and Mary Campbell Helburn its titular head,who may reside in Los Altos,California even starred in the video infomercial with James J. Angel,Senator Bob Bennett of Utah,Patrick Byrne,''s CEO,who claims his poorly managed dot com and money losing company is a victim 'naked shorting' and the mysterious 'Bob O'Brien' .

Mary Helburn who claims the SEC employees should commit mass suicide and posts on the Yahoo NFI message board as 'mhelburn' along with such illustrious gang aliases as the 'rev_jim_jones_lives'
used her maiden name Campbell in the video infomercial with James Angel professor of Georgetown University in order to protect the guilty.James Angel pretended he didn't know.He also
no doubt has connections within the Securities Exchange Commission with so many Georgetown professors who also have Georgetown positions.

'Bob O'Brien' appears to be the 'brains' behind this massive Nasdaq and OTCBB fraud.Besides the lap dance club address the only other address we have is a Wells Fargo Bank account that solicits donations to fund their ongoing fraud and has received contributions from both Patrick Byrne of Utah whose daddy is an insurance billionaire no doubt well versed in offshore activities and a 'James Davidson' according to a Yahoo message board post of June 2 by 'Bob O'Brien' when he was getting very nervous that Jesse Eisinger of Wall Street Journal was narrowing in on his scam.This led to Bob O'Brien's Yahoo gang also becoming nervous and talking about their guns on Yahoo's NFI messege board early on the morning of June 2.

Mary Campbell Helburn only used her maiden name Campbell in the video infomercial on the evils of 'nekid shorting' as the scamster James Angel himself,who appears to know he is aiding a fraud upon the markets and investors, jokingly spelled it in email to me.

While James Dale Davidson,founder of National Taxpayers Union and the international penny stock promoter Agora Inc. of Baltimore,blamed 'naked shorting' by market makers such as Charles Schwab for the collapse of share prices of Endovasc and Genemax to divert attention from his own illegal dumping of his penny stock shares ,the DTCC has also been blamed.

According to attorney for the DTCC from their own website::

' In recent months, there has been a fair amount of media coverage of naked short selling, Regulation SHO and even DTCC’s role in that via the Stock Borrow program operated by DTCC subsidiary National Securities Clearing Corporation (NSCC). Because there has been much confusion about these issues, and much misinformation, @dtcc sat down with DTCC First Deputy General Counsel Larry

Short selling is a trading strategy where a broker/dealer or investor believes that a stock is overvalued and is likely to decline. It is an integral part of the way our capital market system works. Basically, it involves borrowing stock that you don’t own and selling it on the open market. You then buy it back at a later date, hopefully at a lower price, and as a result, making a profit.

Naked short selling is selling stock you don’t own, but not borrowing it and making no attempt to do so. While naked short selling occurs, the extent to which it occurs is in dispute....'

What the DTCC doesn't say nor Georgetown's James J.Angel,of course,is that the NYSE has not had any substantial number of companies,in fact I don't believe any that are listed on their exchange , make complaint about 'naked shorting'. Only James Angel's Nasdaq and OTCBB companies have done that.

In fact, until this year when an ad-letter to W.Bush() appeared in the Washington Post warning him of the dangers of 'naked short selling' to SS investments in the markets,paid for by the 'Cheetah Club gang' who James Angel did the infomercial for and who began with a website hosted in the British Virgen Islands famous for penny stock fraud and money laundering before moving their scam to San Diego,only OTCBB stocks made the fraudulent claim.

Since then various Nasdaq scams have joined the fraudulent cry,including Taser stun gun people who are famous for dumping their own shares including former NYC Police Chief Keric whose own unethical behaviors were so scandalous as to prevent even W.Bush from appointing him as Homeland Security Chief. And of course Patrick Byrne of who has been the biggest known backer and funder of or 'National Coalition Against Naked Short Selling'.This acronym is,coincidentally, very similar to NAANSS or 'National Association Against Naked Short Selling' founded by James Dale Davidson who James Angel claims to never have heard of even though Davidson is founder of National Taxpayers Union conveniently located near the SEC's Washington,D.C. office and only a short distance from where Angel teaches at Georgetown University !! Can anyone say liar ?

James J.Angel was asked by me to provide an example of a company harmed by 'naked shorting' but
he couldn't.So why does he promote a claim that he can't document that only aids the fraud of Nasdaq stocks listed on his OTCBB then ? It would appear investors losses are his and his OTCBB buddies gain.
James Angel as a Georgetown business professor obviously has a conflict of interest between being a business professor and and OTCBB penny stock scam promoter.

It is sad that the Dow Jones much less Georgetown lends him any credibilty whatsoever.It is humorous to note that only a few years ago Georgetown professor and Securities Exchange Commission Chief of the Office of Internet Enforcement took a student to court over OTCBB penny stock pump and dump scams using the internet to hype the stocks up in price to dump them.And yet the paradox is Georgetown prof James J.Angel has done much worse,using his clout to promote the 'anti-naked shorting' fraud on a massive scale whose only fraudulent address is a lap dance club in Las Vegas.The only lap dance club to be investigated by the FBI under the Patriot Act,in fact.

And while the fraudulent penny stock gang James Angel and the Nasdaq profit from claim the worthless
shares they tout from and Yahoo! are victims of some unknown and never proven source,a broker or market maker or the DTCC or whatever the all too simple fact is they know the SEC better than I ever did.They know the Securities Exchange Commission created their Regulation S FOR THE SOLE PURPOSE OF MONEY LAUNDERING WITH UNAUDITED SHARES AND WHILE THE SEC SAYS YOU SHOULD READ THE COMPANIES SEC FILINGS THEY ALSO KNOW IT DOES LITTLE OR NO GOOD BECAUSE THE COMPANIES ARE FREE TO NOT DISCLOSE WHEN AND TO WHAT OFFSHORE CON ARTISTS THEY SELL THEIR WORTHLESS SHARES TO FOR PENNIES ON THE PENNY.

Some penny stock scams pump and dump 10's of millions of penny stock shares on the market,never declaring in SEC filings,and not for a year or so later are they even mentioned in passing in those filings. Mr.Angel: Endovasc,Genemax,Jag Media Holdings, CMKX Diamonds,and USPX are just 5 examples of othat fact that come to mind.Now can you name one example of a stock that has been harmed by the 'naked shorting' you use your reputation to decry in leading business journals and to the SEC and in an infomercial sponsered by an anonymous group who
list only a lap dance club in Las Vegas as their official address ? I didn't think so.

The SEC could audit shares and thus prevent major fraud in James Angel's and the Nasdaq's OTCBB but chooses not to do so.Why ?

Tony Ryals

James J. Angel,Georgetown University,lap dancers and cyber fraud mafia

Charles Schwab and Share-Money Laundering

Did Utah SEC's Brent Baker cover up for National Taxpayers Union Founder ?

SRA International,Mantas Inc.,CIA and Bellador Group ?

He is the Georgtown.
He currently serves on the OTCBB Advisory Board, and he has served as Chair of the Nasdaq Economic Advisory Board.

By Gaston F. Ceron


NEW YORK -(Dow Jones)- In a blow to the New York Stock Exchange, discount- brokerage pioneer Charles Schwab Corp. (SCH) (SCH) is leaving the Big Board to move its stock listing solely to the Nasdaq Stock Market Inc. (NDAQ) (NDAQ).

The San Francisco financial-services company has been "dual-listed" on both markets. But starting on Tuesday, Schwab shares will be listed solely on Nasdaq's National Market, under the SCHW symbol.

NYSE spokesman Ray Pellecchia had no immediate comment Thursday except to note that the NYSE has taken more companies from Nasdaq than Nasdaq has from the Big Board..........................

It remains to be seen whether other companies will follow Schwab to Nasdaq. James Angel, an associate professor of finance at Georgetown University, said most companies tend to stay put once they have listed on a market, making switches relatively rare. "The power of inertia is really very strong here. If it ain't broke, don't fix it," said Angel, a former visiting academic at the National Association of Securities Dealers. "Most companies have many more things to worry about."

At the same time, Angel argued that the difference between markets is narrowing when it comes to quality of trade executions. That, coupled with Nasdaq's lower fees and Schwab's reputation, may make some companies think twice before agreeing to or continuing with a Big Board listing, Angel said.

"When other CEOs read about this, they're going to say, 'Hmm, Chuck Schwab is a pretty smart guy, what does he know that I don't?' " Angel said. "It could affect other companies thinking of leaving New York. It could also affect companies coming to market thinking of where to list for the first time."

In pitching its marketplace, the NYSE has stressed the role of the specialist as the manager of the auction process in a stock, acting as a stabilizing force when needed and keeping trading functioning in a fair and orderly manner. Plus, there's the personal touch provided by having one firm on the floor deal in the stock. "A lot of companies like that," Angel said.

However, the reputation of specialists has taken a hit recently. Last year, all seven firms that do business at the NYSE were hit with a combined $247 million in financial and disgorgement penalties by the NYSE and the Securities and Exchange Commission for alleged trading abuses. This year, some individual traders were indicted and the NYSE was censured by the SEC for its failure to police specialists.

Meanwhile, the NYSE is merging with Archipelago, an electronic market which is more like Nasdaq than the Big Board, to form a for-profit, publicly traded company to be known as NYSE Group Inc. At the same time, the NYSE is also pushing a trading upgrade that will make the Big Board's own marketplace more automated while preserving a role for the trading floor. Dodds, the Schwab CFO, said there is a "little bit of uncertainty" over how the exchange's transition will fare. "Nobody really knows what the NYSE Group is going to look like five years from now," said Angel.

In his statement, CEO Charles Schwab said Nasdaq "has shown a spirit of innovation and a focus on leveraging technology to provide investors the benefit of fast, high-quality and low-cost trade executions."

Schwab's move to switch listings comes about a year after the company said it was giving up its NYSE memberships, or "seats." That move was motivated by Schwab's sale of its capital-markets business. "We just didn't feel we had any need for seats," Dodds said..........................................................

-By Gaston F. Ceron, Dow Jones Newswires; 201-938-5234; gaston.ceron@

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