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Bush Step Down: Protest Jan. 31st and Feb. 4th!

Begin organizing your community to drown out Bush's State of the Union on Tuesday, Jan. 31st! Demonstrations followed by mass protest in Washington, DC on Feb. 4th. for info on what's going on in your community!
e-mail: info (at)
phone: 866-973-4463
mail: 305 West Broadway #185 New York, NY 10013

BUSH: STEP DOWN And Take Your Program With You!
1. Jan. 31, on The Night of President Bush’s State of the Union Address:
Bring the Noise!

Drown Out Bush’s Lies!

In large cities and small towns all across the country, join in rallies one hour before Bush’s address as we make our determination to “Drive Out the Bush Regime? the political message of the day.

At 9:00 PM EST, just as Bush starts to speak, everywhere we will BRING THE NOISE. In a cacophony of sound, we will drown out his address with music: from drums to violins, from hip hop and classical; and with noise: banging pots and ringing church bells, sound car horns and lifting our voices.

(following the State of the Union)

Washington D.C.

The Saturday after the State of the Union address, massive numbers will protest at the seat of government. Prominent voices of conscience will help deliver the people’s verdict on Bush’s criminal regime with our demand: Bush Step Down And Take Your Program with You!

Beginning list of convergences accross the country (more to come):
(all rallies begin at 8pm EST unless otherwise noted)


LA: 5pm KTLA TV, Van Ness & Sunset Blvd.
6pm march to CNN, Cahuenga & Sunset Blvd.
7pm rally

San Diego: Horton Plaza Fountain. Fourth and Broadway. 4:30pm


Atlanta: CNN Center


Detroit: Fourth and Main, Royal Oak, MI

Kalamazoo: The Ravenwood Coffee, 773 W. Michigan Ave.

New Jersey:

Bergen County: Van Neste Square in Ridgewood, NJ

New York:

NYC: Times Square, 42nd and Broadway

Rhode Island:

Westerly: March and demonstration downtown at Dixon Square.

More to come soon!
Check for updates!

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