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TomSongs Releases “BushWhacked� follow-up Song, 2005 Retrospective “I Miss You�

New 2005 Retrospective Song “I Miss You� run time 3:05
I Miss You.pdf (37 k)
Singer/Songwriter and American Veteran Tom Chelston has released a follow up to "BushWhacked" entitled “I Miss You�. “BushWhacked� was released last month in support of Veterans For Peace and has been downloaded 75,000 times during December. His follow-up release “I Miss You� is a 2005 “retrospective.

From Tom’s website:
“I wrote “I Miss You� for the recent commemoration of 9/11 at WTC in New York. The song has since found its way to a few “Military Families�. I compiled a number of photos with the original intention of creating a 2005 “retrospective� that would include pictures of a Tsunami, an Earthquake, a Hurricane and a handful of famous dead people like Johnny Carson, Peter Jennings and Richard Pryor (a few of my favorites) I ended up focusing the majority of this project on American Soldiers and their Families.�

“Tsunamis, Earthquakes, Hurricanes and Celebrity deaths are (mostly) not preventable.�

“This War Was!�

The Lyrics are attached (PDF) and the song and slideshow can be downloaded here for free:

Song Only

In case you missed “BushWhacked�:

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