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Local Residents Attend Nonviolence Conference in Bethlehem

Sami Abed and Megan McNamara of Felton have safetly arrived in Bethlehem, West Bank, Palestine to attend a conference on nonviolent political action December 27-30. McNamara, a local EMT, and Abed, a local business owner, are representing the Resource Center for Nonviolence.
The conference is organized and hosted by Nonviolence International in Washington, DC, and Holy Land Trust in Bethlehem. The opening session will feature a keynote address by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

At a banquet at Bethlehem University on December 29th, Abed and McNamara will participate in giving three recipients the “Gene Sharp Award for Nonviolent Political Action.? Recipients include the Israeli group “Women in Black? that has vigiled for peace each week in Jerusalem for more than two decades; the Palestinian Village of Bil’in that has waged a months-long nonviolent campaign against encroachment of the Israeli security barrier on their village lands; and Luis Javier Botero Arango who has committed himself to creating a nonviolent culture in his home city of Medellin and his country Columbia.

McNamara and Abed will be conferring $500 cash awards from the Resource Center for Nonviolence in Santa Cruz to each of the three recipients of the Gene Sharp Award for Nonviolent Political Action. The award is named after Sharp, founder of and Senior Scholar at the Albert Einstein Institution in Cambridge, who has published more than six dozen works, including the ground breaking three-volume “The Politics of Nonviolent Action.?

For more information:

For more information contact: Scott Kennedy 831 457 - 8003

Scott Kennedy
Resource Center for Nonviolence
515 Broadway
Santa Cruz, CA 95060-3412 USA
(831) 423 - 1626 ext. 107
kenncruz (at)

Travel with scott kennedy to israel & palestine in November 2006.
Read about the August 2005 delegation at

“Nonviolence is no mystery, no puzzle. It is loving our neighbor as ourselves. Nonviolence is justice. The vocabulary of nonviolence has no word like enemy. Only sisters and brothers. Nonviolence builds and deepens relationships -- to God, neighbor, oneself, creation. Nonviolence restores the harmony in creation intended by God. Nonviolence is supremely militant and political. It gravitates toward the streets, the war factories, the military bases, the White Houses and pentagons. Nonviolence is familiar with arrest, court, and jail. Nonviolence -- one could call it the grace of God -- will alone save us from destroying ourselves and creation. Nonviolence presents us with an either ... or. Either we learn it and live it or .... You fill in the blank. I leave the matter to your faith and dedication and active participation.?

Phil Berrigan
Year One, Winter 1999

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