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Wanted - People who went to Selma or joined Freedom Rides (1/8)

A luncheon and celebration will be held on January 8, 2006, acknowledging those who went to Selma, directly participated in the Selma to Montgomery March, voter registration in Mississippi, bus Freedom Rides, or other events in the mid-1960's that resulted in universal voter registration, Civil Rights legislation, and an overturning of Jim Crow laws.
Sunday January 8
12:00 noon
250 California Street
The United Methodist Church of Santa Cruz

Nubra Flloyd of Santa Cruz recently participated in a 40-year revisitation of Selma. Nubra will join others at the January 8th gathering in a rare opportunity to share the experiences of these historic events through oral history, video, photos and singing.

If you or anyone you know or you participated in these events, please come and tell of your experience.

If you care about the future of our country and the world, come together.

For for the luncheon tickets, contact Karen Darling 831-458-1968.

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