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Join the "Just Us" Campaign and Rally (1/10)

Peace and Social Justice Advocates, and People who love this Community!
Unite in Solidarity with the "Just Us" campaign!!
Tuesday January 10th, 6:30 - 7:30 PM
City Hall, Santa Cruz, 809 Center Street
As you probably know, the Santa Cruz Police Department was discovered infiltrating and conducting undercover surveillance of two of the meetings of the organizers of the Last Night DIY Parade, which was a totally peaceful, positive, and creative event in downtown Santa Cruz on New Years Eve!!

This is a frightening and disturbing precedent, that asks for a strong and definitive response from the citizens of Santa Cruz.

This event was organized by "just us" - "just us" the people who live here, work here, and try to create positive and peaceful change - if this group can be spied on, so can any of the rest of our groups - they were, (oh my gosh!) planning a parade full of clowns, jugglers, bicycles, families, bubbles, and a vanguard Peace Walk - hardly a dangerous plan!

So, please join the "Just Us" Campaign:
Tuesday, January 10th, at City Hall, when the City Council has a regularly scheduled meeting
6:30 PM - for a good old fashioned rally in the Courtyard
7PM - go into the City Council meeting prepared to speak at Open Communications

it WILL make a difference if lots of people show up!!!

Bring Signs, Dress Creatively, and Address the Council respectfully but with a Clear Expectation of Definitive Action Now!

Peace Now

email comments about this can also be sent to citycouncil (at)

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Rally At 6 PM, Not 6:30

The rally at City Hall is at 6 PM, not 6:30...


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