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Group challenges FDA’s anthrax vaccine statement

Roman Bystrianyk, "Group challenges FDA’s anthrax vaccine statement", Health Sentinel, January 6, 2006,
Group challenges FDA’s anthrax vaccine statement

On December 15, 2005, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a statement that the anthrax vaccine being given to members of the United States Military is safe and effective. Published in the Federal Register on Thursday, the FDA review on the Anthrax Vaccine Absorbed, or AVA, stated that they determined, “AVA to be safe and effective.?

According to Fox News, FDA spokeswoman Julie Zawisza said the agency found no evidence to alter its previous determination that the vaccine was safe. Zawisza stated that, “we believe the vaccine is safe and effective for intended use, which would include the prevention of inhalation anthrax.?

Since 1998, over 1 million troops have been vaccinated with the anthrax vaccine. Large numbers of service personnel have refused to be vaccinated and have been punished for refusing, including fines of tens of thousands of dollars, and/or jail time, ultimately being discharged from service with a felony conviction.

A group of former and current military members and concerned citizens are appalled by the FDA's statement. The group at this time remains anonymous. According to a spokesperson for the group, “the FDA's decision is without scientific merit and stands in contrast to the anthrax vaccine’s product labels’ own warnings regarding adverse events. This is Agent Orange all over again.?

The group states that it has documented hundreds of cases of adverse reactions from the anthrax vaccine. The reactions range from mild, such as swollen arms and fever, to major problems which include, auto-immune dysfunctions, seizures, chronic fatigue, numbness in extremities, migraines, multiple sclerosis, Lupus, and even death.

“The FDA has completely disregarded all these people that have been harmed or killed by the anthrax vaccine?, said the spokesperson for the group. “Their statement that it is safe is completely ridiculous and borderline criminal. In recent data submitted to the daily press by the Pentagon, in two years (1998-2000) 20,000 hospitalizations following the administering of the anthrax vaccine were not reported.?,0,6152311.story.

A few examples of what the FDA claims to be safe follow:

· A young healthy male, one day after receiving the anthrax vaccine, collapsed. While fluid formed around his lungs, and his lungs collapsed, later that week he died.

· A once healthy male now is bed-ridden on a breathing apparatus, he has ALS. He needs a feeding tube and his wife had to quit work to care for him.

· A young healthy male, 24 hours after receiving the anthrax vaccine, 2 ½ liters of blood filled the sac around his heart. His lungs then collapsed. He passed away.

· A healthy young female, after receiving the anthrax vaccine, developed poly-cystic ovarian disease.

· A healthy female developed blood clots, a lung disease and began coughing up blood after receiving the anthrax vaccine. She soon afterwards developed Multiple Sclerosis.

· A healthy female had dysfunctional uterine bleeding, hair loss, numbness in her extremities and a rash that covered her body.

· A female had blood in her stool, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, concentration problems, Fibromyalgia, GERD, joint pain, lesions on her legs, migraines, bleeding gastric ulcers, rapid heart palpations and mood disturbances.

· A male developed blisters in his mouth, concentration problems, heart problems, joint pain, memory loss, a stutter, migraines and numbness in his extremities.

“Twenty-One (21) deaths have so far been attributed to this vaccine, and yet the FDA claims this to be a safe vaccine??

The group issued a challenge to the people at FDA that have declared the vaccine to be safe.

“We'd like to see those people within the FDA who think the anthrax vaccine is safe to go on national television and have themselves and/or their sons/daughters injected with all six doses of the anthrax vaccine followed by yearly boosters. Of course we don't expect the FDA will take the challenge because most of them are yes-men and women that don't have to suffer any consequences of being wrong. The intent of the FDA protecting Americans’ health went out the window a long time ago.?

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Gulf War Syndrome Was Made by Military

Outrageous U.S. Germ Warfare Program Backfires
While Military & Media Stage Cover-up

A cover-up of immense proportions is under way in the U.S. Defense Department, with the complicity of the media. It’s about the origin of Gulf War Syndrome (GWS), a disease similar to chronic fatigue syndrome and with 31 different symptoms. GWS has already taken the lives of at least 6,000 U.S. soldiers and infected an estimated 100,000 more of those who fought in the 1991 Gulf War. It may also be entering the general civilian population, but the media are conspicuously silent on the true source of GWS.

While the Pentagon is now finally admitting that the destruction of an ammunition dump in southern Iraq in March 1991 may have exposed 15,000 U.S. soldiers to toxic nerve gas and chemical agents, possibly producing GWS, the reality may be far worse.

Evidence suggests that our soldiers were poisoned by our own germ warfare agents developed by the U.S. military and sold in the 1980s to the Iraqis, who then used them against us in the Gulf War. These conclusions sound unbelievable yet they are supported by testimony and documents presented during U.S. Congressional hearings on the investigation of GWS by the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs. Senator Donald W. Riegle, Jr. (D—Michigan), who led the investigation, submitted his report to the Senate on February 9, 1994.

The Riegle Committee, with actual shipping invoices, batch numbers, company names, and inventories in hand, proved that during the 1980s the U.S. government provided Iraq with 28 different germ warfare agents for use against Iran in their nearly decade-long conflict.

Senator Riegle’s 2-year investigation showed that U.S. forces destroyed 12 biological and 18 chemical facilities in Iraq during the war, releasing into the air huge amounts of toxic substances which subsequently drifted over the troops. It is now known that up until 2 weeks before Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait in August 1991, U.S. trained experts were working with Iraqi scientists in Baghdad to develop biological agents as weapons.

The Riegle Committee further established that the U.S. military installed 14,000 chemical alarm monitoring units in the battle areas to alert soldiers to the presence of biological agents, but when too many such alarms went off, the military disabled them. Under oath, Army Sergeant Randall Vallee told the Riegle Committee that he was ordered to ignore the alarms.

From the beginning, Pentagon officials have denied that any germ warfare agents were used in the Gulf. Their use would be in direct violation of the Geneva Biological Weapons Convention of 1972, signed by both the U.S. and Iraq, prohibiting experimentation with and sale of biological weapons. Yet on May 1, 1996, Major General Ronald Blanck, senior physician at Walter Reed Army Hospital, told the President’s Panel on Gulf War Illnesses that chemical and biological weapons had been used in Operation Desert Storm and that this probably led to low-level exposures.

Evidence also exists that the Iraqis painted SCUD and Frog missiles with biological agents including anthrax, botulinum, “yellow rain? (a lethal fungi), and others, so that toxic infections would be spread through the air on explosion. Soldiers who were never in the Gulf but who came in contact with military clothing or aircraft returning from the war, and domestic airline attendants on flights which transported Gulf soldiers, have now developed GWS.

If all this is true—the evidence supporting it is solid, much of it given under oath—we need no longer worry about Nature producing new diseases. Now it seems our own government is creating toxic threats to human health, at taxpayer expense, and often with taxpayers as the test subjects, on a scale far more life-threatening than anything Nature can “cook? up.

According to “Gulf War Syn-drome: A Second Opinion,? a 4-hour radio show aired on WBAI in New York City from August 6 to 9, 1996, not only does the U.S. government know fully about GWS, it may have invented it decades ago. Based on 2 years of research by noted health researcher and educator Gary Null, Ph.D., the show provides evidence that GWS was created in a U.S. laboratory as part of a 50-year ongoing germ warfare research program which produced such products as AIDS and Ebola virus, and used thousands of unsuspecting U.S. citizens as guinea pigs.

A key piece of the puzzle comes from Garth L. Nicolson, Ph.D., former chairman of the tumor biology department at the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center at the University of Texas in Houston. Dr. Nicolson’s genetic analysis of the GWS microbe shows it to be the result of genetic engineering. It combines a gene from the HIV-1 virus and genetically altered anthrax genes with a mycoplasma (a tiny biological life form without a cell wall, normally harmless). The result is a new, highly infectious and deadly microbe not previously found in Nature.

The GWS microbe acts as a silent, undetectable pathogen that slowly kills a person from the inside, starting with cell nuclei, and leaving almost no trace of its presence, Dr. Nicolson explains.

Not only were U.S. soldiers exposed to Iraqi germ warfare, the U.S. military may have used them as guinea pigs to test experimental vaccines. According to Dr. Null’s research, about 100,000 U.S. troops (plus those of other nations) who were to fight in the Gulf against Iraq received multiple vaccinations against suspected Iraqi biological agents.

However, some of the vaccinations were against germ warfare agents the Iraqis were not known to possess. Dr. Null claims that, in fact, U.S. soldiers were the unwitting test subjects for experimental, genetically engineered biological agents as part of a germ warfare research program.

For example, the Pentagon strong-armed the FDA into approving the use of pyridostigmine bromide (PB) tablets ostensibly to protect soldiers against Iraqi biological attacks. PB is only given for the treatment of a chronic muscle weakness disorder called myasthenia gravis. Now evidence suggests that PB and the other experimental vaccines themselves may have contributed to GWS.

According to Dr. Null, the U.S. Defense Department is proceeding with its cover-up of GWS because the real story is appalling. Not only were U.S. soldiers exposed to multiple biological agents, but it is probable that these agents, now released, can no longer be controlled and that they are capable of mutating into more virulent forms. It is certain that they are airborne and contagious.

The spouses of Gulf soldiers are showing symptoms of GWS at the rate of 78%, according to the Riegle report which polled 1,000 servicemen. In addition, there has been a dramatic increase in birth defects in these military families—30% according to one study cited by Dr. Null. The infection rate of GWS may grow exponentially, to 1 million infected within a few years, warns Dr. Null.

Who’s to blame for this? At all levels of government there is the predictable denial of responsibility or knowledge. For one, the FDA, this so-called watchdog of public health, approved the use of experimental vaccines on U.S. soldiers even though there was no proof of their safety or effectiveness—the very criteria FDA’s charter empowers it to ensure.

According to Dr. Null’s research, over 2,000 studies demonstrate that upwards of 10 million American citizens (soldiers, children, the elderly, and those in psychiatric wards or prisons) have been secretly used as that test subjects in a 50-year program of germ warfare research. GWS is apparently only the latest in a heinous succession of experiments.

The fact that infectious disease is now the third leading cause of death in the U.S. (whereas 50 years ago it wasn’t even in the top 15) may turn out to be the result of the deliberate, systematic, and unpardonable poisoning of the American population by its own government in the interests of national “defense.?

I ask the American public to demand of the Pentagon an answer as to why Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein was left in power in Iraq. Could it be our “heroic? generals know that Iraq has insulated itself against further military inroads by a germ warfare shield? Could it be that they knew in 1991 that germ warfare was involved in the Gulf War? Let’s demand that they answer this.

The outrageous facts about U.S. military use of germ warfare and its disastrous consequences for our own soldiers are in the public record. Yet the U.S. government and nearly all the media continue to stonewall the truth. This cover-up must be thoroughly unmasked in the interests of our national health security without which we have nothing.


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