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Clarence Ray Allen: Due to be Executed Jan 17, 2006

California is speeding up executions. Clarence Ray Allen is next.
When first hearing about Clarence Ray Allen's case, both sides were investigated a little bit and the disturbing conclusion was reached that this would be a difficult case to argue about. Allen was in prison for life without parole
for the 1970's murder of a woman who gave him keys to a market that he robbed. She was killed allegedly because she was fingering him for the robbery.

He is accused of ordering the murders of one witness to that crime and two other employees of the same market while his original case was on appeal. Some accounts describe the other two victims as witnesses to the original crime, while another account describes the two as employees of the market.

Clarence Allen is currently 75 years old and will turn 76 one day before his scheduled execution. He is very infirm, has suffered from a heart attack and diabetes and uses a wheelchair. He will be forced to walk the final few feet to the death chamber at San Quentin.

The prosecution's case rests primarily on the testimony of some of the accomplices involved in the second crime. They have all since stated at one time or another that they lied at Mr. Allen's 2nd trial. That, plus the fact that Mr. Allen is
an American Indian has some very concerned that his execution is unjust. Others simply say that while there is no excuse for how the victims died, the death penalty is wrong and Mr Allen should be given Clemency. Governor Schwarzenegger has refused to hold any kind of Clemency hearing for Mr. Allen.

The prosecution is pushing for Mr. Allen's execution, stating that he demonstrates that keeping a man such as him alive is a threat to public safety (since he ordered the murders of people while he was in prison.)


For a rundown of these statements.

The State of CA's statement about the case can be viewed here:

The National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty has prepared a statement here:

The Aclu has prepared statements here:

and here:

For fact sheets on the case of Mr Allen and the next person to be exectuted, Micheal Morales - February 2006, go here:

For insight on the case and the death penalty in CA, Check out the Free Radio Santa Cruz Rokin' The Boat interview at

There is a rally planned in San Francisco for Thursday Jan 12, 2006:

Date: January 5, 2006 5:43:37 PM PST
To: StopExecutionsCalifornia (at)

Please forward this to all appropiate list serves and contacts. I will be sending out an updated email in a few days when we have a more clear picture of who will be speaking.

Thanks, Bob

*******Please Circulate Widely**********

Press Conference/Rally to Stop The Execution of Clarence Ray Allen
Thursday, January 12, 2006 4:00 PM
The California State Building
Van Ness and McAllister
San Francisco, CA 94102


Stand with us as we say “No!� to the State sponsored murder of Clarence Ray Allen.

Join Clarence Ray Allen’s daughter and grandson as well as political leaders from around the Bay Area as we speak out against this execution.

DESPITE this man’s age and poor health,
DESPITE the racism and flaws of the death penalty,
DESPITE the pending legislation that would halt all executions in California

Clarence Ray Allen, an American Indian, is scheduled to be executed at 12:01 am on January 17th.

We demand an end to the inhumane death penalty. After killing Stanley Tookie Williams on December 13th, the state is speeding up the pace of executions. After Clarence Ray Allen they will attempt to execute Michael Morales, and possibly
several more individuals in 2006. We need to build the movement to halt their execution machine!

For more information about the Press Conference/Rally contact Bob Matthews at damphouse (at) or
Crystal Bybee at 510-333-7966.

For more information about Clarence Ray Allen’s case go to

There is also going to be a rally at San Quentin the night of the execution. FOr the flyers about this check out:

Allenflyerfront.pdf (50 k)
Clarence Allen Flyer Front


allenfactsheetback.pdf (28 k)
Clarence Allen Flyer Back (fact sheet)

The chat room will be hosted from 7PM Jan 16, 2005 until 1AM Jan 17, 2005 so that people can drop in and discuss the case. It is possible that KPFA may do a broadcast from San Quentin. If so, tune to
94.1 FM if you are in the Bay Area or catch the stream at .

It is also quite likely that there will be the usual Death Penalty Focus vigil at the town clock in downtown Santa Cruz on the night of the execution (Monday Jan 16th until just after midnight Jan 17th).

PS: It is rumored that Kevin Cooper has been losing his latest appeals, so he may come up for execution again.

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Re: Clarence Ray Allen: Due to be Executed Jan 17, 2006

Oops! Indymedia folks, could you please edit the title to the article so it has the correct date, 2006 instead of 2005. Thanks.

Re: Clarence Ray Allen: Due to be Executed Jan 17, 2006

The year has been fixed. Thanks for contributing to SC-IMC.

Governor Says No Clemency Hearing for Clarence Ray Allen

Governor Says No Clemency Hearing for Clarence Ray Allen

A Press Conference/Rally to Stop The Execution of Clarence Ray Allen will be held on Thursday, January 12th at 4:00 PM at the California State Building at Van Ness and McAllister in San Francisco. Clarence Ray Allen’s daughter and grandson, as well as political activists from around the Bay Area, will speak out against killing Allen. They are enraged that in spite of Allen's age and poor health, the racism and flaws of the death penalty, and the pending legislation that would halt all executions in California, Clarence Ray Allen's death has been scheduled for 12:01am on January 17th.

Rally organizers point out that the state is speeding up the pace of executions following the December execution of Stanley "Tookie" Williams. After Clarence Ray Allen, the state plans to execute Michael Morales, and possibly several additional individuals in 2006. They see now as the ideal time to build the movement to stop executions.

Re: Clarence Ray Allen: Due to be Executed Jan 17, 2006-- A more humane take

I went to the press conference and rally for Clarence Ray Allen in SF on Thursday Jan 12, 2006.
There were about 50 people there, including TV and newspaper reporters from around the bay area. A number of well known activists spoke at the rally, including Crystal and Barbara B. A few facts came out of the rally that are not generally known:

Mr. Allen's Indian name is Running Bear.

Two Indian spiritual advisors have attempted to visit Mr Allen on death row to offer him spiritual
counselling before his execution. Both of these people were denied entry to the prison, even though one of them routinely visits other Indian prisoners throughout the state of CA.

At the end of the rally, a poet, Jack Hirschman procalimed "Poet Laureate of San Francisco 2006" read some poems that Mr. Allen wrote. These have been translated into Italian, for the benefit of European readers.

What follows is Jack's own poem, THE PUNISHMENT OF CAPITAL, that he was distributing free to the people of SF.


Comes the time that's the end
of the time you've served.
You're going to be killed

by the punishment of capital
in the extreme. They'll sit you
down, or noose you.

or strap you down and inject you.
The wait and the fight for your life,
day after day after day -- all night --,

will be over.

But the fear that will follow won't
unclench our fists in the air.
Trees will fall over and die in solidarity.

Rivers will turn into wrists and lift up
placards against the atrocity. A woman
will curse in rage and, because

we're all driven mad by the injustice,
will run her plastic bankcard
through the slit in her pussy

in the defiant darkness where being
alone afterward feels like an amputation.
And a 12 year-old kid in a doorway

will fix up: the capital punishment
that's killed you has many death
chambers in this prison of profits

and jingo and lies.

You, murder victim at the hands of the State,
you who killed and killed yourself in wild
youth without ever being able to know

innocence in this vast kennel of rabid attack
dogs driven to destroy each other over
hunks of money -- you found

the truth they're now murdering you for,
the truth that knows you're a man of the poor,
one of billions of the poor,

and that you go to death, yes, innocent of their
crime of perpetual capital punishment
that we your brother and sister billions vow

we will never stand for.

Finally, here is an excerpt from a flyer about another death row inmate, Kevin Cooper, who won a stay of his execution in Feb 2004:

" The case has been sent back to the federal discrict court. Further evidence testing has begun, and activists expect a long legal fight to ensure that the issues of tampering and police and prosecutorial misconduct are raised. Overall, the defense attorneys have found new evidence and witnesses that corroborate Kevin Cooper's innocence claim, and that show the errors and concious misconduct on the part of the state of California."

The full text of this flyer does not appear on the website, so I will post it to by Sunday Jan 15.

Re: Clarence Ray Allen: Due to be Executed Jan 17, 2006

I knew this man. He was married to my third cousin Darleen. He deserves to die. He was a very mean and viscous man. I was 13 at the time I first met him. I heard him talking very candidly to other people about the awful things he was doing in Fresno. I never saw the man without a gun and he was always talking about the things he had done or was about to do. Very Proud of the "Allen Gang" Or that he had Mafia connections.

My Great uncle was terrified of him. He stole from his own family, in-laws(my Great Aunt & Uncle) and if you crossed him, you would regret it. My Great uncle was afraid "Ray" was going to burn his house down, with him and my Great Aunt in it. Ray had indicated several times, if they crossed him there would be hell to pay.

Nice Man, Clarence Ray Allen. Yeah right. My Aunt & Uncle were good, honest, hard working people and did not deserve to have a monster like him threaten them. I'm sorry but he deserves to die. He deserves to die a painful death, not just go to sleep peacefully.

Did he let the people who crossed him die peacefully, No. He deserve to die as he killed and had people killed.


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