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Help Free Theresa Cruz

Imprisoned for 15 years for the non-fatal shooting of her ex-husband, Theresa Cruz is finally up for parole. Please, please, send letters to the governor urging him to sign for her parole.

For fifteen long years, Theresa Cruz has been held in prison in Corona, CA. Convicted of conspiracy to commit murder for the non-fatal shooting of her ex-husband, there has been a campaign for her release for many years.

While in prison, Theresa watched her four children grow up under the care of her mother, Theresa Azhocar. Theresa Azhocar became a tireless campaigner for the release of her daughter as well as for other prisoners. A worker at Lockheed in Southern California, Ms. Azhocar had to work with various chemicals and she eventually died of cancer just last year. Ms. Cruz was not allowed to visit her mother on her deathbed nor attend her funeral.

Finally, after all these years of suffering – not only on her part, but also on the part of her four children and her (now deceased) mother – the Board of Prison Terms has ruled that Ms. Cruz is suitable for parole.

This comes after Ms. Cruz has received the most excellent reviews from her work supervisors in prison. She has also received support for her parole by her original trial judge as well as by the victim of the shooting – her ex-husband. Given this, there is not the slightest reason to deny her parole.

But of the very, very few cases of recommended parole that Governor Schwarzenegger gets, it is reported that he refuses to sign two-thirds of these. The California Prison system is the State’s fastest growing industry. It gobbles people up and just holds them nearly forever. We are urging you to write in support of the parole of Theresa Cruz.

Remember, it could be you or a loved-one of your own who will be next.

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Wildcat99 (at)

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