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December - Activists Very Active

Dispite cold temperatures, last month was a
very active month for activists around the
country and the world.
In a campaign organized by, volunteers
across the country submitted over 400,000 petitions
promoting a time based withdrawal from Iraq to 286
congressional home offices.

Activists in DC are showing up at the homes and offices of Bush
Admimistration officials and congresspeople singing songs,
delivering petitions and demonstrating against the war.

Henry Kissinger "was shouted down and called a mass murderer
several times" during his appearance at New York University and
Ann Coulter walked off the stage in Connecticut after being booed.

A group of activists from around the country actually went to Gitmo to
meet with the prisoners in a very unusual demonstration where they
fasted "to protest the treatment of suspected terrorists being held
at the base".

House Rep. Curt Weldon has finally been granted a congressional
hearing into Able Danger where the two intelligence officers who
have been censored from speaking will be allowed to testify.

Anti-recruitment demonstrations continue even though the people
involved are considered a "threat" to national security and are among
the people being survieled by the NSA (some say illegally).

The International Human Rights Day saw many demonstrations in
cities around the world.

"Thousands turn out for a march coinciding with the UN Climate
Change Conference (in Montreal). Tens of thousands of people
ignored frigid temperatures Saturday to lead a worldwide day of
protest against global warming."

And of course, thousands of people around the world stood in the
streets to protest against the WTO meetings in Hong Kong.

Also, the "I-word" is being spoken by Senator Pelosi and Rep. Conyers
who has introduced a bill "to create a select committee to investigate
possible crimes and make recommendations regarding grounds for

For all of these reports and more, see Protest News:

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