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Four Directions Principals of Solidarity And Respect with Bayou Tribes

Four Directions would like to share our Principals for Solidarity and Respect that we are using to coordinate our efforts with the bayou tribes.
We encourage other organizations and individuals to adopt these or similar principals in their work with the bayou tribal communities as well as in other indigenous communities.

With gratitude,
Naomi Archer
Coordinator, Four Directions Relief Project


1. TRANSPARENCY - Be open about ideas, plans, and solutions with tribal leadership.

2. COLLABORATION - Don't hoard tribal relationships or information. Seek collaboration with other groups and individuals who are working with the tribes.

3. RESPECT - Defer to, and have respect for, tribal leadership, decision making and priorities. Follow their lead.

4. DECISION MAKING - When addressing a problem, present a wide range of possible solutions to tribal leadership that can empower more informed decision making. Don't hold back needed information.

5. LISTEN - Listen to tribal priorities and leadership. Be aware of your own preconceived notions and goals.

6. COMMUNICATION - Encourage open communication among tribal leaders and stakeholders, including those stakeholders who may offer additional or alternative information.

7. PATIENCE - Work patiently, at the speed of the tribal leadership, reflection and decision making.

8. CULTURAL SENSITIVITY - Suppress enthusiasm for your own beliefs, ideas and solutions to further empower tribal problem solving and decision making.

9. TRIBAL VOICES - Empower tribal leaders and community members to speak with their own voices. Create opportunities for tribal spokespersons to share their stories, needs and priorities. Never speak for the tribes.

10. HONOR - Honor Native American culture, history and tradition but don't appropriate them for your own esteem. Set aside your own cultural baggage. Recognize your place as an outsider.

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