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FSRN: California Considering Death Penalty Moratorium

The New Jersey legislature passed a measure this week to cease executions statewide while a state commission conducts a study of death row cases. At least 12 other states have approved similar measures. In Illinois, then-Governor George Ryan put a hold on all executions in that state in 2000, and although Maryland also halted their death penalty, it has since resumed executions. Now California, the state with the largest death row, is also considering a moratorium on executions, even as it prepares for the second execution in as many months. FSRN's Vinny Lombardo has more.
fsrn_0112_2006_deathpenalty_512edit.mp3 (4882 k)
Report produced for 1/12/02 edition of Free Speech Radio News.

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Re: FSRN: California Considering Death Penalty Moratorium

nice story.. thanks, vinny :)


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