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U.S. Trade Deficit Devastating Economy

The U.S. economy is being sold to the highest bidders in world trade markets and our trade deficit is destroying our economy. Americans risk losing everything due to poor leadership in Washington D.C..

As we prepare to enter a new year I would hope the U.S. Congress could make a resolution not to export
25 million jobs abroad to foreign countries however such a resolution would quickly be loss to the will
and greed of big business and corporate America.

The U.S. economy is being sold to the highest bidders in world trade markets and our trade deficit is
destroying our economy. A 69 billion dollar trade deficit, and over 700 billion annually, is putting millions of Americans in jeopardy of losing their homes, their jobs and everything they possess only to benefit big business.

The Republican administration is trying to sell Americans on magic but the truth is the trade deficit is plunging Californians and all U.S. citizens into a severe recession. The affects of reckless trade policy is affecting the housing market, transportation, the airline industry, U.S. manufacturing and all areas of this economy.

Other countries are building their economies on the backs of America. Americans are now taking pay cuts, sacraficing income and becoming part of the ranks of the unemployed only to subsidize cheap labor worldwide and benefit big business. Today America is only trading on a level field of thin ice.

U.S. legislators need to stop selling out U.S. in world trade markets. This nation needs tough taxes on goods that are being dumped on the U.S. markets to create fat profits for big business and to build the economies of foreign governments. Congress must take a strong role in controlling the U.S. petroleum industry to further reduce our national trade deficit.

In the upcoming 2006 elections all Californians need to give their full support to all Peace and Freedom Party candidates because they are not afraid to take a stand for Californians and all U.S. citizens on the issues that will keep Americans working.

Congress needs to act now because our trade deficit is the greatest threat facing America today. Congress needs to act with legislation that will put the brakes on a run away trade policy that is destroying the future of America.

Stewart A. Alexander
Candidate for California
Lieutenant Governor
Peace and Freedom Party
stewartalexander4p&f (at)

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