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Utah Phillips in Santa Cruz!! (1/15)

Ever wish you'd made sure to see a musical legend but never got around to it? Well, your big chance is here. Utah Phillips is peforming this weekend in Santa Cruz. Don't miss this show!

Utah Phillips - Sunday, January 15th at 5:00 PM at the Kuumbwa Jazz Center
Tickets in advance are available at Etc Etc Etc (the antique store on Commercial Way), or can be purchased over the phone from Patty the ticket master at (831)479-9421. Tickets may also be available at the door, but to be sure get them ahead of time.

Bruce "Utah" Phillips (b. May 15, 1935 in Cleveland, Ohio) is an anarchist and labor organizer folk singer, storyteller, and poet. He describes the struggles of trade unions and the power of direct action. He often promotes the Industrial Workers of the World in his music, actions, and words.

Utah Phillips' given name is Bruce Phillips. A fan of T. Texas Tyler, Phillips adopted the stage name U. Utah Phillips.

Phillips served the United States Army for three years beginning in 1956. Witnessing the devastating effects of the Korean War greatly influenced his social and political thinking. Following service, he returned to Salt Lake City, Utah and joined Ammon Hennacy from the Catholic Worker Movement in establishing a mission house of hospitality named after the activist Joe Hill.

Phillips worked at the Joe Hill House for the next eight years, then ran for the U.S. Senate as a candidate of Utah's Peace and Freedom Party in 1968.

An avid rail fan, Phillips has recorded several albums of music related to the railroads, especially the era of steam locomotives. His first recorded album, Good Though!, is an example, and contains such songs as "Daddy, What's a Train?" and "Queen of the Rails" as well as "Moose Turd Pie" where he tells a story of his work as a gandy dancer repairing track in the American southwest desert.

In 1991 Phillips recorded an album of song, poetry and short stories entitled I've Got To Know in one take, inspired by his anger at the first Gulf war. The album includes his first composition "Enola Gay" written about the United States' atomic attack on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Phillips was a mentor to Kate Wolf. He has recorded songs and stories with Rosalie Sorrels on a CD called The Long Memory (1996), originally a college project from Montana. Ani DiFranco has recorded two CDs, The Past Didn't Go Anywhere (1996) and Fellow Workers (1999), with him. He was nominated for a Grammy Award for his work with Ani DiFranco. His "Green Rolling Hills" was made into a country hit by Emmylou Harris.

Until recently, Phillips hosted his own weekly radio show - Loafer's Glory: The Hobo Jungle of the Mind.

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A Short Jog Through A Long Memory

Utah Phillips

A Short Jog Through A Long Memory

The U. Utah Phillips Appreciation and Information site.

Re: Utah Phillips in Santa Cruz!! (1/15)

Well, durn. What a thing to miss. Shows me what comes of skipping my daily dose of indymedia. Next time post a little earlier?


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