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Gasoline Price Hiking Boycott

Again gasoline prices are soaring out of control and the petroleum giants are back on track to make record profits. Washington will not act so Californians need to protect their interest by boycotting the petroleum industry.

Today most Americans have a clear understanding of how inflation works in our economy, fill your gas tank once a week and will understand quickly. With most Californians having to commute daily between home and work gasoline price increases are making more and more people pinch dollars just to make ends meet.

Last Summer we saw gas prices rise above the $3.00 mark all over California and now we see the petroleum giants getting off to an early start to break last years records. 2006 should produce record profits for the petroleum industry and record loses for consumers. Also hit very hard by the increase cost on diesel fuel is the trucking and transportation industry. With the rising cost of diesel fuel the cost for many of the items we must purchase daily are being affected and are driving up consumer prices.

The petroleum industry executives were in hearing before congress in the last quarter of 2005 and it was clearly obvious that the U.S. Senators were more than intimidated in the presence of real power, on Capital Hill the oil executives were in charge.

In 2005 a group of citizens organized the California Gasoline Boycott to challenge out of control price increases. The goal was to bring 87 octane and diesel down to or below $2.25 a gallon. Prices for 87 octane dropped below $2.20 a gallon throughout California even though diesel fuel remained above $2.45 in most places. Now with price increases getting off to an early start we should see gas prices soaring well above $4.00 a gallon by the end of Spring.

Stewart Alexander, the author of the California Gasoline Boycott, believes it is necessary to implement the boycott with the same intensity as the price increases. This is a quarterly boycott and there is no limit on how much fuel a consumer may purchase, the boycott is restricted to two petroleum companies quarterly.

The boycott works as follows: consumers boycott Shell and Unocal 76 January through March, Mobil April through June, Exxon July through September, and Chevron and Texaco October through December.

I would like to see the boycott expand to all 50 states however California is the largest market for petroleum consumption and what works in California gets the attention of America. America must not allow the greed of the oil producing giants to continue down this path of senseless management that will increase poverty, drive up inflation and create a larger burden for families to exist and make ends meet.

For more information regarding the California Gasoline Boycott contact Stewart Alexander, Candidate for Lieutenant Governor, Peace and Freedom Party, at

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